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Things/people That Are Overexposed Or Underexposed.

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Maybe if the poker themed screenplay received 4 or 5 honors instead of just 3 it would get more exposure.

Sounds like not watching the local news will solve about 65% of your daily annoyances.

krablar was amended out of the bylaws in 2011. you need a quorum to even hold a vote and you need a three fifths majority to pass the resolution. jesus man what were those retreats in phoenix for if n

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Apples are over exposed


I would argue that specific breeds of apples are overexposed, but outside of like three or four varietals, almost all apples are wildly underexposed. I had some cornish gilliflowers that changed the way I think about apples, and that's still an extremely sweet dessert apple. You can get real, real weird with apples. I'm thinking about growing my own.

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Alright, alright. I'm possibly with you on this one, BigD. But before I throw my support behind that, I need to know which one is your favorite?


Langan, I am SO glad you asked! My favorite type of pizza is




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Most overexposed people/things as of May 2019:


1] Prince Harry


2)Meghan Markle


3)Donald Trump


4)Steve Harvey


5)Flo of the Car Insurance Commercial


6) local TV weather people


7) AOC (look it up)


8) reporting the day's high temperatures of small towns close to you


9) stories of people running for the presidential election that is 18 months away.

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I mean, if AOC were actually over exposed, would we really need to look the company up? Seems like a pretty under the radar penny stock to me, but what do I know about energy markets.


In case you weren't joking, I'm talking about this AOC:




Although she might have a point about wages.

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She's got my vote.

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That bald guy who was disqualified at the WSOP yesterday.

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