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I think they'll take care of that for you when their daughter tells them you've been Liking all her beach pictures.

OK, so I just looked into the new methods a little bit, and am 100% sold. Apparently the problem isn't that they are nurfed out or worse, it's that parents don't understand them, and find them confusi

I think what ever black man said that, has learned how to tap dance for the white folk masterfully. Keep getting that paper, buddy!

And not to be that guy, but, Sarah Spain's cans. Wow



To be fair, I listened to two of her 3 hour appearances on Lebby and loved her before I ever knew what she looked like. That face and those fun bags were just a bonus. She is so Midwest girl and I dig that, man

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Of course sausage is the king, but pepperoni is very complementary to the king.

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