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Ahl winner  

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  1. 1. Who do you want to see win the 2015 Ahl Championship?

    • Cheap Thieves
    • Big M's
    • Canadian Gothic
    • Whalers

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i voted Dale




Lost to Cheap Thieves in my only finals appearance when Anaheim played alot and Perry/Ryan killed me


Lost to Big Ms and he went on to win another year


Lost to Arp and he went on to win plus he knocked me out this year



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There's a new dynasty in town. Gotta cheer for Arp.


Though, Dale has done an impressive management job in building his team and I also wouldn't be dissapointed to see him take home the title.

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I think Dale deserves it more as he has lost two finals in a row..He is the Buffalo Bills of the AHL..


Arp has already won..


Daniel and Bob, have won multiple times...Dale has built a team from literally nothing...

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I cant believe Im not winning this running away.

Why you should vote for me:


1st...I'm a nice guy. Lets face it, the other 3 are all assh-oles


2nd....I'm still starting Phil Kessel every chance I get. That should get me a) all the Leafs fans votes b) all the pity votes from everyone else

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