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Light 4-Bet And Flop Shove Call

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Leak Hand found and Converted by Leak Buster Poker Training Software


NL Holdem $0.5(BB)

SB ($50.4)

BB ($62.38)

UTG ($76.25)

HERO ($54.53)

CO ($50.2)

BTN ($75.52)


Dealt to Hero Q:diamond: K:diamond:


UTG Folds , HERO Raises To $1.75 , CO Folds , BTN Calls $1.75 , SB Folds , BB Raises To $3.7 , HERO Raises To $8.65 , BTN Calls $6.9 , BB Calls $4.95


Flop ($27.7) 4:spade: Q:heart: 7:heart:

BB Checks , HERO Bets $14.1 , BTN Raises To $66.87 (all-in), BB Folds , HERO Calls $31.78 (all-in)


Turn ($140.45) 4:spade: Q:heart: 7:heart: 8:club:


River ($140.45) 4:spade: Q:heart: 7:heart: 8:club: 5:heart:



No reads, but it seems like such a narrow range that he can have that's strong here. There seems to be a lot more potential draws in his range than something stronger than KQ. So do you just give up, or am I pot committed?

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Raise to $1.5 pre-flop. Why are you 4-betting? For value? As a bluff? You should probably just call the 3-bet unless there's a really extreme dynamic. Like, what are you going to do if you get 5-bet? Once you've crammed that much money in pre, betting and calling the all-in on the flop are fairly standard.

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Due to the squueze size calling should be fine here.


As played KQs makes a decent 4 bet bluff due to blockers.


Flop might make a check decent.It's still difficult to get the money in ahead here. As played 50NLmight just be high enough stakes to call this off.

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