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Trade Deadline 2015

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They are talking about baseball.

Zach, Winnik is not a 4th liner. Nor would I use "gritty" to describe him. I'd go with "good at hockey". Judging by your comments, you aren't at all aware of his game, and you probably will be surpris

He'll fit right in.

I know the Pens are against it with the cap, but wouldnt bringing back Jagr make some sense? Wouldnt Jagr want to end his career where it all started and he had most of his best years at?


Or is relations not good with Pens and Mario?

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Trade makes so much sense for both teams.


I bet Horton's contract isn't insured based on his history so Columbus is out the money on his contract no matter what and even though they get cap relief their owner doesn't want to spend all that money so they get somebody who is actually playing for the money.


The Leafs will get cap relief and be able to get another player to use it on and it doesn't matter to them that they are paying Horton to not play.


At least that's how I see it without seeing all the details but I could be wrong.

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Leafs get cap relief for 100% of clarkson's contract at the cost of having to pay Nathan Horton not to play (off the cap). Not my money, don't care. This is an amazing deal.

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okay seems my analysis is correct


Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 2m2 minutes ago

Here's bottom line on Clarkson-Horton trade: Horton's contract wasn't insured. CBJ paying him to sit in stands and he's longshot to play.



James Mirtle ‏@mirtle 1m1 minute ago

The deal makes some sense for both sides. Leafs pay Horton to not play due to injury. Columbus gets something for its money.

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Why wouldn't a team insure a player like that? Was that deal signed by Boston when he was healthy?


im thinking they couldn't get insure for him, with the issues that he had coming over.


I like Jarmo as a GM, but unless his owner forced him to do this one, this is a bad bad move.

Actually, come to think of it, this may really inspire Clarkson, and he may play really well there. I say this because I just realized he was traded, by his hometown team, for a guy who the team hopes will never play again. That has to sting your pride something awful.

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