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NL Holdem $0.5(BB)

HERO ($49.5)

BB ($37.12)

UTG ($17.96)

HJ ($54.11)

CO ($180.21)

BTN ($49.25)


Dealt to Hero Q:heart: Q:spade:


UTG Folds , HJ Folds , CO Folds , BTN Folds , HERO Raises To $1.5 , BB Calls $1


Flop ($2.5) 4:spade: J:spade: A:club:

HERO Checks , BB Bets $2 , HERO Calls $2


Turn ($6.5) 4:spade: J:spade: A:club: 5:heart:

HERO Bets $4.5 , BB Calls $4.5


River ($15.5) 4:spade: J:spade: A:club: 5:heart: 7:heart:

HERO Bets $2 , BB Calls $2



No reads. I think the BB is a fish. Do you do anything different?

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What's your reason for not leading out on the flop here? You were the PF raiser. Blind Vs. Blind, he could have anything here.


Why bet the turn, when you check/call the flop.


WTF on the river?? $2 into a $15 pot, and half as much as your turn bet? I would assume you are at the least getting called here every time, if not getting raised a bunch as well. Don't understand it at all. If you're afraid he's got an A, then just check/fold or check/call a small bet. Unless you were planning on perhaps inducing here and hoping he raises you and then you come back over him/call a bigger bet?? That makes even less sense. He called your turn bet which was a good size with a dud card. Another dud hits the river. Personally I would just check/fold the river. I'm expecting a weak Ace here.

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