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An Inside Peek At The Award Winning Poker Themed Screenplay “Vegas Knights"

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Hi, this is Gerry Burlage, the author of the 3x's honored Vegas/poker themed movie script "Vegas Knights" that is currently for sale. A couple of weeks ago in this thread–



–I promised I would post some of the script. That thread also talked about the script's 3 honors (including a 1st place award at the Nevada Film Festival screenwriting contest). The thread also discussed some of the big differences between my script and some recent gambling films. So if you're interested in that information you can read that thread.

I would like to restrict this thread however to the posting of some of the actual script. I also want to remind people that “Vegas Knights” was written mostly for mainstream America and that includes people who might not give a damn about poker. So one should keep in mind that the script was not specifically written for hard-core poker fanatics who like to hang out on poker websites. But I still think the average poker enthusiast will like this movie a lot.

The main 3 characters are basically ordinary people (the average person can identify with) and not professional gamblers. I think this is one of the things that makes my script different from other poker themed movies. The 4th main character is a professional, though. Also, while there are a few jerks in the script, there is no crime or criminals in the story. I realize some of these elements do exist in poker but I think they represent a relatively small percentage, especially in live casino poker. But make no mistake, as this film progresses it goes "deep" into poker and gambling. And I think it does so in a manner that will intrigue even non-gamblers. I would like to point out however that even though gambling and poker is very important to the script---it actually includes 10 dealt poker hands--- the true heart of the story is the personal lives of the characters... It should also be noted that professional script analysis (known as "coverage" in the film industry) has been done on the script and is available.

In the following post, I will post the first 3 scenes of the script. Actually, I believe there are other scenes in the story that hard-core poker enthusiasts will like better than the following scenes but I'd rather not post them at this time so as to not give away too much.

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This might be the greatest thing ever.

Essay, I like it. But as an added twist, make his GF that his wife doesn't know about pregnant as well. After she delivers the black baby, he leaves, gets a text that the GF went into early labor, tha

in re SexyFrau, Inc. vs. OchoAces, Inc.   WHEREAS, SexyFrau alleges intellectual property theft and unwanted leering.   WHEREAS, SexyFrau alleges to like Essay as a friend only.   WHEREAS, SexyF

Below are the first 4 pages of the copyrighted screenplay “Vegas Knights”.  The story takes place in 2005,  the height of the world wide poker boom.




SUPERIMPOSE: Las Vegas, 2005


BRAD WALTERS, is a 26 yr. old professional poker dealer who works at the Mirage Casino. Brad is currently sound ASLEEP in bed. Brad’s pretty wife, KAREN, wants to wake him, so she lets their faithful dog “DOYLE” into the bedroom. Doyle goes straight to his master’s face and starts LICKING it.



(slowly waking up)

Ah– Ah– Wha– What the hell!!

Doyle! Doyle!! Stop it!

Doyle finally gets the message and moves away with his tail still wagging. Brad slowly gathers his senses and sees Karen standing in the bedroom doorway.



Why the hell did you let Doyle in?



Because he does a better job waking

you than the alarm clock.



Why do I need to be woken up?



Hun, don’t you remember, you said

definitely, definitely!! you would go

to church with me and Tracy today.



Oh, God–

(puts pillow over his head)

can’t we make it next Sunday?



(sighs; then)

Alright– I’ll just tell Tracy daddy

broke his promise again.


Brad gently tosses the pillow on the floor and sighs.



Jeezz... Alright, give me 5 more minutes,

will ya.


Brad continues to try to sleep. He has his hand over the side of the bed. Doyle walks over to his master’s hand and starts licking it.




Brad, Karen, and their daughter Tracy (7 years) are DRIVING on the crowded Las Vegas Strip. They are going to a mostly tourist CHURCH that is located behind the famous hotels.



(frustrated by traffic)

We’ve got to find a church away from

the Strip.



We’ve had this discussion before;

I’ve been going to this church

since I was seven.



Yeah, I know. It’s just that I work with

with tourists all week- I’d like a little

break from them every now and then.


They come to traffic light. Brad shakes his head.



We’re gonna be late.

Brad looks at the car next to him. There are four tourists in the car and each one is TAKING PICTURES, even the driver.  Brad looks at them with mild frustration.




Brad, Karen, and Tracy are sitting in a church pew. The priest is in the pulpit.



Before I talk about some upcoming

parish events I would like to take

this time to welcome all of our out

of town guests to Las Vegas... How

many here are from out of town?


About half the church raises their hand.



Looks like about 50%... So have

you all been winning lots of money?


All the out-of-towners shake their heads NO.



It is a custom of mine to say a few

words on the subject of gambling for

the benefit of our out of town guests...

(Brad shows boredom)

Many of you will be surprised

to know that according to our

Catechism wagering is not in

itself sinful... It can become that

however, if you overindulge,

and let it negatively affect your


(Brad continues

 to show boredom)

Now I’m not advocating gambling.

But if you do choose to play, my

advice is to have fun, but make

sure you set a limit on your losses...



(whispering to Karen)

Every Sunday he says the same thing.




It only lasts a few minutes!


A “CHURCH LADY” type (63 yrs) and her HUSBAND are sitting next to Brad. She puts her finger up to her mouth.



(to Brad and Karen)



Brad gives Church lady a slightly annoyed look. The offering is now being taken. A man with an OFFERING BASKET attached to a LONG POLE is going row to row collecting donations. Brad sees this and pulls out his wallet.



(to Karen)

All I’ve got is a twenty.



Well give him some change.


Brad is now hurrying through his pockets but all he can find is a $5 CASINO CHIP. The man with the basket now reaches Brad’s row. We see the church lady proudly put 2 quarters into the basket. Brad feels guilty not giving anything, so he SHOWS THE CHIP to the man.




Can I put this in?




What Casino?



(looks surprised

by question; then)



The basket man nods yes. Brad puts the $5 chip in the basket. The church lady sees this and is disgusted.



(whispers to husband)

Did you see that, he put a gambling

chip in the basket?


The husband, who is HALF-ASLEEP, doesn’t respond. The church lady turns to Brad with disgust.




I can’t believe you put that chip

in the basket. This is the House

of God...



(whispers to

church lady)

He took it didn’t he.


Church lady just looks down and shakes her head.

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On 8/19/2014 at 8:29 PM, brvheart said:

This might be the greatest thing ever.

I'm glad you like it. Btw, an actual movie script has the dialogue in the center of the page but this site's formatting system won't let me do that which is why the dialogue is at the left margin...


If there are any wealthy people out there who might be interested in the project, I know a producer with over 30 years experience in Hollywood who could get the ball rolling if the money was there. I also know a multi-honored director who has expressed interest in the project. Anyone who put up the money could actually be in the film (and their friends too) in the card scenes. It might be a lot of fun in Vegas, with a chance for a huge profit like the Vegas/gambling film "21" made. The project could also give a wealthy person experience in movie making so that they could possibly make more movies in the future about topics of special interest to them. Additionally, this movie if made could help gambleholics. So the film would not only have entertainment value but could have social value as well... If anyone wants to contact me, you can do so by registering on this website and sending me a private message, or sending me a message on the facebook page "Gerry Burlage".



I mentioned the successful gambling film "21". Another very profitable gambling movie was the poker themed movie "Rounders". This link says Rounders made 70 million in profit thanks to outstanding DVD sales: http://www.slashfilm...ing-rounders-2/ . So the potential is definitely there for a good gambling film.



edit: below is a comment made by a poster that comes later in the thread:


"I think the scene was great, even better then expected... I think having a church based scene in a Vegas gambling movie is unexpected and fresh. And I do expect it will resonate with middle mall going America...

{The sales price} continues to sound like a bargain to me..."



Note from author: Thanks, I like the church scene too... Actually it's an optional scene and can be removed from the movie if necessary for cost or other reasons. And, in an effort to move things along, I've lowered the price to $55,000 or best. Also, some of the professional script analysis (aka coverage) can be read here:


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I especially liked how the church lady doesn't actually listen to the priest. I hope later on she wins the bad beat jackpot at Brad's table but has it nullified because she wasn't listening to the rules there either.

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Actually, I did skim through a Catholic Catechism book one time and it did have a section on "games of chance" and wagering. The games in themselves are not sinful according to the religion. But from memory it implied they can become so if you let them negatively affect your life.

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And, no, in case you were worried: I didn't back into your computer via your FCP account and read the whole script. Don't worry, I won't give anything else away.

Good, because it's illegal to post copyrighted material without permission from the author and additionally you could get sued.
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That was amazing, we definitely need more.



What exactly is "mainstream mall-going America" though?

Go to the biggest mall in your city on a Saturday afternoon and sit in the food court for 15 minutes.
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The early reviews are in.



Actually those (anonymous opinions / trollish postings) about post #2 are late. Here are the early reviews:


1) Nevada Film Festival - a 1st place award


2) Las Vegas Film Festival - “Honorable Mention”


3) Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition- "Quarterfinalist".


4) Script Coverage quote from a person who has written over 60 film reviews: "I think, with the right cast and the right talent behind the camera, Vegas Knights could be a moderate to big success at the box office"

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I love how original all the names are.

Whoever buys the script can change it any way they want, and they'll get partial writing credits if they do change anything.


Btw, if anyone is interested in the project, they can privately message me after registering on this site, or at the facebook page "Ger Burlage".

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You are still trying to sell it? How's that working out for you?

It's still available for $55,000 but I will go lower with a percentage of the profits. (And yes I do know about agents but try to get one if you live outside of California and haven't sold a script before). But the fact is you don't have to have an agent to sell a script... I'll also pay the attorney fees.


Some people reading this have probably lost more than 55,000 in a single poker hand. Btw, if there are any super wealthy people out there, I know a semi-retired producer with over 30 years experience in Hollywood who could get the ball rolling if the money was there. Also, anyone who put up the money could actually be in the film (and their friends too) in the card scenes. It might be a lot of fun in Vegas with a chance for a huge profit like the Vegas/gambling film "21" made. Also, it would give the wealthy person some experience in filmmaking so they could possibly make other movies on topics of special interest to them. Btw, I will write a script on any topic. It's just a matter of doing the research.


"Vegas Knights" can also be optioned for 7,000 per year. This means it will be taken off the market for a year and not sold while the option holder decides if they want to buy it outright.

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It's still available. $75,000 and will go lower with a percentage of the profits. I'll also pay the attorney fees. Some people reading this have probably lost that much in a single hand of poker.


Nope, Daniel doesn't post here anymore.

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What exactly is "mainstream mall-going America" though?


Go to the biggest mall in your city on a Saturday afternoon and sit in the food court for 15 minutes.


On 8/20/2014 at 1:55 PM, coug2828 said:

Biggest mall in the city/food court sounds like you're targeting the lowest of the low. C'mon man.

I think targeting middle America is the best strategy and I disagree with your assessment of people who go to malls; although on second thought,  thanks to internet buying and selling, malls aren't what they used to be...

I still think, though, that the average person who hangs out on poker websites will like this movie

Edited by Vegas Knights
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On 8/20/2014 at 2:09 PM, The Ocho said:

Nope, Daniel doesn't post here anymore.

If Daniel Negreanu bought the script, he could bring one scene in here at a time and say OK guys/gals how do you want to improve this scene. Then Full Contact Poker members and guests could make recommendations. Then after a vote the scene would be given the green light and we would go to the next scene. Then if the movie got produced the writing credits would go to me, Daniel Negreanu, and Full Contact Poker Members. Those members whose suggestions got put in the movie would be given a percentage of the profits dependent on what percentage of the movie they added. This kind of action might also bring a lot of publicity to the film.

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Yeah, because everybody knows that the best art is created by committee.

Well it doesn't have to be the entire movie. Who knows, Daniel, or whoever bought it, might like it just the way it is. But if not, this might be a fun way to make changes that will get everyone involved.
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