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Villian Stats (VPIP/PFR/AF): 28/21/3.12


Full Tilt poker $100/$200 6-max cash game

Villain is been in this game for a while, he is probably a rich bussines men who enjoy playing high stakes and gamble. He is in his third buy-in for $10K, he got broke when he got in with a gutshot on the turn vs a set, called a shove with AK high on a double paired board, the fact is that he had just 5-bet shoved over me with 5h4c, i called with KsKd, and he got there with a club flush, so i was a little angry about him. Maybe that because i end doing what i did.

On this hand he was about $20K.

UTG:$ 18.904,36

MP:$ 34,564,00

Hero:$ 30,110,87

Villain:$ 19, 412,24

SB: 26,034,30


Two folds, Hero raises $600 with Ad4h, villain calls, both blinds fold.



Hero bets $1118,40, villain calls.



Hero bets $2048,90, villain calls.



Hero checks, villain bets $3200, hero checkeaises shove, villain calls and shows 22 for a boat.

I knew i made a mistake, i was angry and let it dominate my mind, but since i don't think bet fold this river would be good, i would like to know if you would do the same or just check call that looked weak for me.

Any sugestion is welcome

Time to refocus and study my game until i get calm and feel better to come back to the table


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100/200 is a little under what I usually play but I think you played it good.


Maybe check raise a little bigger on the river next time. I mean you've got the 9th nuts. You gotta be good, right?

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What do you think villain would call your shove with that you beat? 5x? Bet/folding is better than this. If you don't want to bet/fold, then bet/call. If you were looking to check-raise, the turn would've been a better spot for it.

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