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Strong thread

That's an American thing. In the Far East, we consider such trinkets to be flashy and disrespectful.

She is really pretty, but filthy > pretty, and thus I have no interest.


When I hear she is dating 'Dre Drummond, though, hit me up with those pics. Blacks and gingers are as erotic a combo as chocolate and strawberries.

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dutch gets it. this kind of beauty is almost incomprehensible.


I think she is insanely pretty, prettier than Watson (ginger bias), and I certainly get it, but don't share it.

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she did seem to dig the incest roleplay. and from that pic she seems down for ageplay.


i'd have to get her into uncle hank's naked puzzle basement to be sure though.

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I don't get it. Why are you posting pictures where she looks like a man. Did BigD and Dutch hack your account?

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