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Tilt! What Are Some Of The Things You Have Done While You Were On It!

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Started this in another forum and I wanted to get FCP take on it -


Not that ive done any of these things of course but have you -


- thrown mouse across the room

- yelled at your dog

- PMS on your gf or wife

- hit something

- 10x or jam next hand


lol just to name a few. whos on tilt reading this right now?? haha input, stories?

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I buy computer mice in bulk.


They really need to make more durable mouses, one time i threw it across the room and hit the couch, bounced off couch and landed on carpeted floor and that was it... no more mouse haha

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One time I went on tilt about 5 minutes before I would have started to play. Many years ago I drove into the packed Gold Coast parking lot to play in their now defunct poker room. I saw a prime parking spot close to the front entrance one row over. I pulled around to that row when some guy gets out of his friend's car which was in the row I had just been in and runs over to the spot and stands in it just as I was about 20 yards away and ready to pull in. I get out of my car and ask him what he's doing. He says he's holding the spot for his friend (who is still in the next row.over) I said something to the tune of "Hey, man, I was just getting ready to pull into that spot." He says something like "Well I got here first."


I now had a decision to make as my blood pressure was rising very quickly. Did I want to get in a fight over a hard to find parking spot and a rude injustice. After a long 5 to 10 seconds of thought, I decided it wasn't worth fighting or arguing with the jerk. In the mean time I could tell my blood pressure had risen and that I was somewhat agitated. I now did not feel like sitting down and playing poker in my current state. I then said the hell with it and left to cool off. This was the only time I ever went on tilt just before playing. But looking back I think I did the right thing by leaving because I don't think I would have played worth a damn for at least 30 minutes.

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- made calls I knew were bad


- made raises I knew were bad


- kept playing when the game wasn't good


- kept playing when I wasn't playing well enough to beat a good game


- been standoffish or verbally abusive to the people I love



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