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River Top Pair On Four Straight Board

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Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (5 handed) - Full Tilt Converter Tool from http://flopturnriver.com/


saw flop | saw showdown


Hero (MP) ($28.48)

Button ($25.77)

SB ($25)

BB ($27.79)

UTG ($103.37)


Preflop: Hero is MP with Qdiamond.gif, Aclub.gif

1 fold, Hero raises to $0.75, 2 folds, BB calls $0.50


Flop: ($1.60) 6spade.gif, 5diamond.gif, 8heart.gif (2 players)

BB checks, Hero bets $1, BB calls $1


Turn: ($3.60) 7spade.gif (2 players)

BB checks, Hero checks


River: ($3.60) Qclub.gif (2 players)

BB bets $1.80,


Results below:


BB had 4spade.gif, 5spade.gif (straight, eight high).

Hero had Qdiamond.gif, Aclub.gif (one pair, Queens).

Outcome: BB won $6.84


So I basically want to know if there's any value in calling on the river here.

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Didn't look at results


Been a long time since I played 25NL, but my standard here would be a fold unless I had some really good reads on the BB. Your hand is at the bottom of your calling range, meaning if he is betting for value, then you have the worst possible hand you would consider calling with.


Turning your hand into a bluff and trying to rep T9 is a possibility, but I doubt most at 25NL would even consider folding a hand like A9 in this spot if you raised.


Overall, I'd fold.

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