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What's the hardest part about being a Cubs fan?                                                                                                      

Look up the David Koschman case. One of Daleys nephews chinned some much smaller kid outside a bar who went out, wound up hitting his head and dying. The CPD stonewalled the case (obviously at the be

Noob suburbanites need to learn how to ignore the homeless like the rest of us.

If you rat you die. If there are no witnesses and even the victims won't talk, there is nothing you can do.

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Noah Smith‏ @Noahpinion 14h14 hours ago

55.1 percent of the rise in urban murder last year came from one city: Chicago. What is going on, Chicago??






Replying to @Noahpinion

The Chicago PD effectively stopped doing work after they got caught lying about the Laquan McDonald shooting.


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The police 'stand down' is real. The black neighborhoods were already pretty Lord-Of-The-Flies'ish, but they're going to be full scale Donner Party here soon.


The reason this issue will never be solved is because both sides have a valid point.

Blacks are totally right in noting that the police are an incredibly abusive, hostile entity in their communities.

Police are totally right in nothing that the only way to effectively police black communities is to be incredibly abusive and hostile.


Society does not accept either premise, yet both premises are true.

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