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Pocket 9S Facing 3-Bet Preflop

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Live mtt, 30 minute levels


My image had been super tight but about 15 minutes before forced to show A4 suited calling an all in after a cutoff raise, people acted surprised. I had 3-bet pre 3 times in two hours, once showing aces others no showdown.


Small blind fairly active player, taking advantage of his old guy persona by opening light.


My stack 107k, villain 75k


Blinds 500/2000/4000


I open to 10,500 in MP2 with 99


Folds to small blind who raises to 30k


Pros and cons of folding, flattng and jamming?



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Sorry, some more info, about 35 players left in tourney, paying top 8. Avg chips is about 65k. I have four or five stacks over 100k at my table, so other tables are probably very short (not that it necessarily matters).

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That 3-bet size is stupid, I think I'm leaning towards fold but I don't have any real reason why. Even if he his fairly active I don't think he's getting out of line with a 3bet size that large with his remaining stack. So you're basically hoping to flip.

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Flatting would be tough since he can fire at almost any Flop and you are still stuck in a bloated pot with no additional knowledge unless you hit a 9. Obv one spot where being OOP is an advantage to your opponent if they can get the last bet in PF. You need a pretty good read on this player to flat here, even IP, IMO.


Folding/shoving ... TT/99 are usually the tilting point for most tournament players when it comes to shoving. I think the raise size is interesting since it still leaves your opponent room to fold to a shove as it gives off a hint of weakness but at the same time could be a trap trying to get you to shove into the pot.


You are probably still in a spot of the structure to build your stack back up and you arent that close to the money yet. If you win you can probably coast to the money, if you lose you have a nice sized shoving stack to rebuild with. You may also need to consider what type of table you are at ... can you push the table around with a short stack or will you have to wait for a premium hand to shove and double up with the 'fear' that you will blind off before you can do that?


You have a coin flip holding in a coin flip spot ... If you can withstand the wrath of Phil Hellmuth (win or lose) if you shove and this isnt the only tournament you are playing for awhile then I think this is a good spot to shove.


And yes .. I would open smaller so flatting doesnt hurt your stack as much .. maybe 8800 from MP .. GL

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