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Why Is Online Poker So Fake?

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In the past 2 days, if seen 4 quads, and at least 6 boats, im talking during 10, 9 person sit and go's.

I play $1 - $5 tabels, odds seem outragous, my last game last nite, delt KQ spades, flop came Kh 5 6 spades, turn 7 spades, river 8 spades, went all in, so did 2 others, their cards were 9d 9s, ok that might happen, other person had 4h 4s, this is unreal, 2 st flush and a reg flush on the same hand?

just all seems fake !!

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If you're not in NV or NJ and in the US then:



America's Cardroom

Poker Host


In that order


If you're in the rest of the world then PokerStars of course but for smaller fields 888 and iPoker are good.

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