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All-In Adjusted As A Good Indicator For Luck?

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I've been playing online for 6 months now, with the average amount of hands being played each month around 40,000.

Every month has been a winning month so far, however according to Pokertracker4 my total won has been well short of my C All-In Adjusted every single month, and when I mean well short I mean at least 10BI's lower than what my equity has been.

This obviously isn't a huge amount on a month-to-month basis but it's bugging me now that I always seem to be running worse than what I should be rather than the other way round for once.


Does this just mean I've been running pretty badly for the last 6 months despite being a winner overall? And is this something that will eventually even out once I've put in a tonne more hands?

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Someone wiser than I once said:


Don't look at the ev line, it just messes with your head. It doesn't help your game, it doesn't help you make any decisions. It doesn't give any useful info and I am pretty sure it doesn't even tell you how good or bad you are running really.
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