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Wsop Europe Event 8 - €25,600 High Roller - Daniel Wins Bracelet

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Daniel's goal of being WSOP Player of the Year is still alive if he finishes in the top 8 of Event 8 which is the €25,600 High Roller that began on Tuesday.


Updates from Poker Listings and Daniel is Tweeting his updates as usual.


Good Luck Daniel






Daniel's Twitter Updates


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 3h

@DNChips picked up JJ in the high roller played an all in 25k pot vs 77 he hit 7 on river. Bad run with big pairs! Still have 68k


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 2h

Ended day 1 of High Roller with 161,600 avg is about 90k. Need top 8 to win player of the year. Guess I'm supposed to win this one instead!


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 16m

End level 8 of WSOPE high roller with 179,800 avg is about 115k with 49 players left. Follow @dnchips for chipdates every break


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 5m

477,100 in the high roller! Won a MONSTER with 45 vs Antonio flop 367 two hearts he had 89 of hearts. May be chip leader!


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 37m

490k after dinner break WSOP high roller makes me chip leader with 36 players left. Top 8 wins me POY likely


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 8m

@dnchips 606,500 4 hours left playing down to 8


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 2m

@dnchips made big call vs Gruissem with AJ high board was K2428 he bet 45k on the river and i sniffed one out 735k


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 22m

The POY leader @mmashton is out. 23 players left, I'm chip leader and need top 8 finish to win WSOP POY! OMG kind of excited right now!


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 19m

My man @philivey did the honors of busting him #FoldtoPOY


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 11m

This just happened. AA vs KK vs QQ all made a set! And of course I had JT suited and folded pic.twitter.com/6wPOmXZtET


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 45m

16 players left in WSOPE high roller I have 559k avg is about 375k. 8 more to the first finish line of POY


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 12m

@dnchips lost a big one with AJdd vs 99 needed an Ace Jack Ten or a diamond. Down to 400k


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 1m

15 left here avg is 400k I have 440k just trying to be the best checkers player I can in a field full of chess players! TOUGH FIELD WOW!


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 7m

End day with 13 players left I have 411k avg is 461k playing for the POY and bracelet tomorrow


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 5m

11 left in WSOPE HR just lost flip with 33 vs QJ top 9 make the money and 8th is the magic number for player of the year! Currently shaking!


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 1m

Countdown is on. 10 players left I'm 7th in chips now with 30 big blinds


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 6m

I have the same feeling I would watching a sudden death overtime only it's me playing and having it all on the line! #butterflies


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 3h

Still 10 left. Two guys have 10 big blinds I have 21. 9 is the money bubble so neither of them is playing a hand. Two 5 handed tables now


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 3h

These two guys are down to 40k I have 150k blinds are 6k-12k something has to give soon.


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 3h

9 left in the money!!! Have to wait out one guy with 40k blinds of 8k-16k I have 150k. One more spot and POY is mine!!!


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 2h

Down to one table of 9. Joni has 2.5 big blinds left and will be in the BB in 3 hands from now.


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 2h



Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 2h

Special day for me and all the more special to have a close friend with me to share it with @LauraHemmerling will be celebrating tonight!


Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 1h

Thank you ALL for your support- I WON! I am on cloud right now and love each and every one of you. Even those of you who hate me haha :-)

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Sorel Mizzi Leads Star-Studded Field into Day 2




Sorel Mizzi is the chip leader



It was a shorter night than expected, but after an exciting six levels, Day 1 of the €25,600 High Roller has entered the record books.


There were 75 entrants and approximately 62 of those bagged up some chips at the end of the night. Registration is still open until the beginning of level 12 – so six levels into Day 2.


Leading the way with 268,800 in chips is Sorel Mizzi, while Scott Seiver (248,200), Antonio Esfandiari (229,000), Marc Mclaughlin (188,200) and Phil Ivey (182,800) also bagged up impressive stacks.


As expected there are still a huge amount of notables still alive and with plenty of chips including Erik Seidel, JC Tran, Jason Koon, Mike Watson, Jason Mercier and Daniel Negreanu, straight off his Main Event 25th place finish. Phil Hellmuth hasn’t registered in the event yet, so expect to see him tomorrow.


We will have full end-of-day chip counts posted as soon as they are made available.


The action kicks back off at 1.00pm local time tomorrow and we will once again be providing live updates. The plan is to play down to a final table tomorrow, but many players expect that not being possible without playing a ridiculously long day. We will have to wait and see! Until then, good night!

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Long Action Packed High Roller Day Ahead



It’s time for Day 2 of the 2013 WSOP Europe High Roller!


Yesterday saw 75 players pay the €25,600 buy-in and at the end of six levels, 62 had bagged up chips. Registration is still open until the start of Level 12, so for the first five levels today we expect to see a couple of new faces.


The player with the most chips today is Sorel Mizzi, while Scott Seiver, Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Ivey, Jason Mercier, JC Tran and Daniel Negreanu also have big chip stacks. There are also dozens of big names players still in contention.


The plan today is to get down to a final table, but with so many players at the felt, that is unlikely to happen. One thing is for sure though, we will be doing our best to get as close as possible and it’s going to be a very long day.


The action kicks off at 1.00pm local time and PokerListings will once again be here providing all the live updates. Stay tuned!

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Kitai Falls to Daniel



David Kitai started the day as one of the shortest stacks in the room and has now found himself on the rail.


Kitai was all in preflop holding 4 4 against the K K of Daniel Negreanu. The board ran out A 2 J 3 J and it was all over.


Negreanu is his chatty self this morning and seems in good spirits.

“I take drugs every morning I wake up and have water,” Negreanu said, referring to water as the best drug someone can take .


Negreanu is still in contention for the WSOP Player of the Year, but will need to make a very deep run here in the High Roller to make that happen.

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Negreanu Wins Huge Flip Against Esfandiari




Daniel Negreanu, flipping like a boss.



A huge pot just played out between Daniel Negreanu and Antonio Esfandiari.


When we arrived at the table, Esfandiari had seen his 18,300 bet raised to 45,000 by Negreanu with the board reading 73 6. Esfandiari moved all in and Negreanu instantly called.


Esfandiari: 9 8

Negreanu: 5 4


The turn was the 8 and the river was the 2, Negreanu had managed to dodge all of Esfandiari's outs in a virtual coinflip (Esfandiari was actually a 52% favourite).


Negreanu now has 480,000 while Esfandiari dropped to 90,000.

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Negreanu Folds Two Pair to JC



Daniel Negreanu might have a big chip lead but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be throwing chips away too easily as we just witnessed him make a big fold against JC Tran.


We picked it up on the turn on a board of 9 T A Q with Tran moving all in for 51,900 into a pot of around 30,000 and Negreanu giving it some thought.


For his standards, it was a long time to think for Negreanu, but we timed it right on his acclaimed two-minute window. During that time he went through all the possibilities that Tran might do that with, and in the end, decided that 9 T wasn’t enough as he open folded.


“Did you have a good hand?” chirped Negreanu.

“I always have a good hand,” replied Tran.


Tran gets back to 80,000 with Negreanu still on top with 465,000.

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Prize Pool Announced


The prize pool has been announced. There were 80 total entrants, creating a €1,920,000 prize pool. The top nine will take home some cash, with ninth being worth €50,400. The winner claims €725,000 and of course, a WSOP gold bracelet. Check out the payout structure below.


1st- €725,000

2nd - €450,000

3rd - €250,000

4th - €150,500

5th - €100,600

6th - €74,600

7th - €63,500

8th - €55,400

9th - €50,400

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More for Kid Poker



The chips keep heading to Kid Poker as Daniel Negreanu has raked in yet another healthy pot. Picking it up from the turn with the board reading 7 8 5 6, Negreanu led out for 20,000 and Chris Klodnicki made the call as the 3 completed the board.


Negreanu bet 32,000 and Klodnicki gave it some thought before calling again.


“Straight,” said Negreanu, showing 4 3 as Klodnicki sighed and mucked.


Negreanu now has 632,000 with Klodnicki dropping to 110,000.

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In The Zone



In a rare multi-way pot, four players threw in 11,000 apiece to see a flop of 2 K 4. Action checked around to Daniel Negreanu on the button who bet 22,500. Philipp Gruissem made the call in the big blind as the 2 fell on the turn.


Both checked to see a free 8 hit the river. Gruissem led out with a bet of 45,000 to send Negreanu into the tank. He gave it a minute of thought and then splashed out a call.


Gruissem showed J 9 for a busted flush draw as Negreanu opened A J for just ace-high in a tremendous call.

Gruissem slips to 80,000 with Negreanu clearly in the zone as he climbs to 735,000.

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Kings, Queens, Aces and Sets For Everyone



It’s not often you see pocket kings, pocket queens and pocket aces all in preflop on the same hand.

But that’s what just happened.


It’s even more irregular for said hand to feature a board run out of 2♥ K♣ A♠ 4♥ Q♠, meaning all three players hit a set.

But that’s what just happened.


The hand in question saw Jason Mercier having both Timothy Adams and Zachary Clark covered.

Below is who had what.


Mercier: Q♦ Q♥

Clark: K♦ K♠

Tim Adams: A♣ A♥


The entire table thought the flop was crazy, but they lost their minds on the river. No one lost their mind more so than Daniel Negreanu. He claimed to have been holding Jack-Ten and so would have sent all three players home.


Adams, with the winning set, was all in for 178,500 – enough to send Clark home and leave Mercier with just around 100,000 in chips.


“Jason, what did you have?” asked Phil Ivey from another table following the commotion.

“Queens and I hit a set on the river, but I was dead on the flop,” laughed Mercier.

“When did you get it in,” Ivey asked.

“Preflop,” responded Mercier.

Ivey simply smirked.

“I guess I just play bad,” laughed Mercier.

“Well yeah, but I didn’t want be the one to have to say it,” responded Ivey.

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Good Table Talk


“Don’t slowroll me,” Sorel Mizzi told Daniel Negreanu.


Negreanu had raised to 16,000 and Mizzi moved all-in when action folded to him.

Then Negreanu asked for a count.


“69,000,” the dealer said.

Negreanu started to think and Mizzi asked him not to slowroll.

Negreanu went for the call and turned over A♣ 6♣.

That’s when Mizzi flipped over two red aces.


“Look at this guy,” Negreanu said. “Telling me not to slowroll.”

“It’s good table talk,” Mizzi responded. “I just wanted to get some TV time.”


The dealer fanned out a 5♦ 2♦ K♠ 7♦ board to a cameraless tournament area and Mizzi doubled up to about 150,000 while Negreanu dipped to 560,000.

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Final Two High Roller Tables


Check out how the final 16 lineup and the approximate chip counts following the table draw.


Table 10

Seat 1: Erik Seidel – 450,000

Seat 2: Phil Ivey – 345,000

Seat 3: Nicolau Villa-Lobos – 410,000

Seat 4: Phil Laak – 195,000

Seat 5: David Peters – 400,000

Seat 6: Byron Kaverman – 520,000

Seat 7: Jason Mercier – 455,000

Seat 8: Philipp Gruissem – 540,000


Table 11

Seat 1: Juha Helppi – 185,000

Seat 2: Timothy Adams – 200,000

Seat 3: Marc McLaughlin – 355,000

Seat 4: Daniel Negreanu – 570,000

Seat 5: Tom Bedell – 90,000

Seat 6: Jason Koon – 590,000

Seat 7: Joni Jouhkimainen – 230,000

Seat 8: Scott Seiver – 440,000

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Finnish Fans



There aren’t many instances when Daniel Negreanu’s opponents have more fans than he does, but this was one of them.


Juha Helppi raised to 16,000 from the cutoff and action folded to Negreanu on the big blind.


Negreanu moved all-in and Helppi snap called.


Negreanu: A J

Helppi: 9 9


The flop came Q 7 K and after a 2 hit the turn, Negreanu started asking the dealer for an ace, a jack, a ten or a diamond.


But the river brought a 3 instead.


“Go Finland,” shouted Helppi’s friends from the rail. “Paper Daniel! Paper!”

“Looks like I got more fans than you,” Helppi joked as the dealer counted his stack.


Helppi doubled up to about 350,000 while Negreanu dipped to about 420,000.

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Gruissem Leads Stacked Final 13 in High Roller




Daniel Negreanu looking to secure WSOP POY



As the clock approaches 3am local time here in Paris, a long day in the €25,600 High Roller Event has come to a close. We started today with 62 players still in contention, and including a handful of late additions, we’ve reduced the number to 13 at the end of eleven levels of play.


As expected, the final day will include some of the world’s premier players – the great Erik Seidel, the entertaining Phil Laak and the equally effervescent Daniel Negreanu. The story of the day won’t play out in full until tomorrow when Kid Poker chases the WSOP Player of the Year honour after the elimination of rival Matt Ashton a little earlier today.

However the man they are chasing is German phenom Philipp Gruissem. He raked in a huge pot with the elimination of Jason Mercier in the final level of the day, and will head into the final day with a commanding 1,296,000 chips. Gruissem won the non-bracelet High Roller Event at the WSOP-APAC and will be chasing a unique double here in Paris. This time, there’s a bracelet up for grabs.


We’re still a little short of the final table, which means a big day ahead tomorrow, with the action to kick off in the poker room at 1pm sharp. It’s anticipated that two more levels will be required to reach the final table, at which point play will move across to the TV table inside Casino Barrière where we’ll play it out until a champion is crowned.

Check out the final two tables and how they stack up below:


Table 10

Seat 1: Erik Seidel – 610,000

Seat 2: Nicolau Villa-Lobos – 527,000

Seat 3: Phil Laak – 144,000

Seat 4: David Peters – 538,000

Seat 5: Byron Kaverman – 273,000

Seat 6: Philipp Gruissem – 1,296,000


Table 11

Seat 1: Timothy Adams – 240,000

Seat 2: Marc McLaughlin – 304,000

Seat 3: Daniel Negreanu – 411,000

Seat 4: Tom Bedell – 124,000

Seat 5: Jason Koon – 702,000

Seat 6: Joni Joukmainen – 113,000

Seat 7: Scott Seiver – 770,000

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Nervous Times For Negreanu


Daniel Negreanu started the day with a plethora of goals.


Another bracelet, another million dollars and another World Series of Poker Player of the Year title, that’s what’s at stake today for the Canadian super star.


All player currently left want to win that bracelet and a million dollars, but Negreanu is the only one with a very clear goal in mind, and that’s finishing at least eighth in this event.


If Negreanu finishes eighth or better he will lock up this year’s WSOP POY leader board and become the first ever two-time winner of this title.


The dynamics at Negreanu’s table are heavily influenced by the knowledge that the Canadian will try to finish in the top eight, and just know we got another great example of that.


Negreanu raised from the button to 25,000 and Jason Koon three-bet to 75,000 from the small blind. Joni Jouhkimainen was seated in the big blind with around 100,000 chips and the Finnish player folded right away.


Negreanu now had a very tough decision knowing that Koon had him well covered. Eventually Negreanu folded and Koon took down another pot.


Right now Negreanu sits at around 275,000 chips and that’s still 22 big blinds.

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Joukmainen Doubles Through



Daniel Negreanu hardly needs to be doubling up players in his quest for the POY title, some situations need to be played out though.


Joni Joukmainen was down to his last 79,000 and in they went from the hijack. Negreanu was in the big blind and called.


Joukmainen: Q J

Negreanu: 3 3

The board ran T 9 J A 4.


That dropped Negreanu down to 263,000. He need three more players to bust before him if he’s going to claim the coveted POY crown.

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Two For Negreanu



Daniel Negreanu keeps fighting for a spot in the final eight and he just won two small pots to get a little closer to achieving his ultimate goal.


Negreanu won a hand by raising to 25,000 and all his opponents folded.


On the very next hand Negreanu raised to 25,000 again and Scott Seiver called from the big blind.


The flop brought Q 2 T and Seiver check-called 36,000. On the turn the 5 hit and Negreanu moved all in for 230,000 after Seiver had checked.


Seiver folded and Negreanu showed two aces.


“I just wanted you to get out!” Negreanu laughed as he kept everyone aware of the fact finishing in the Top 8 is worth a lot to him. Negreanu now sits at 360,000 chips.

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Joni Jouhkimainen Eliminated in 9th Place (€50,400)




Daniel Negreanu extremely happy with his WSOP POY victory



Joni Jouhkimainen was just knocked out in ninth place locking up Daniel Negreanu’s WSOP POY victory.


“I min raise,” Jouhkimainen said with a smile as he made it 32,000 under the gun.

“How much do you have behind?” Scott Seiver said with a smile as his Finnish opponent had exactly zero chips left behind.


Seiver folded and the others did to until the action got to Philipp Gruissem in the small blind. Gruissem put in enough chips to put Daniel Negreanu all in and the Canadian quickly folded his hand.


Gruissem showed A J and Jouhkimainen tabled K 5 while he was all in for his tournament life.


“King!” Gruissem yelled to needle Negreanu just a little more.


Negreanu jumped up and down across the room as the board ran out A 8 T 4 6. Negreanu locked up his second WSOP POY while Jouhkimainen was knocked out in ninth

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The Gentlemen Chasing Gold


There will be a 30-minute delay on the live stream and in an unprecedented move, the players have promised not to sweat the delayed coverage to see how each other are playing, in a gentleman’s agreement.


That’s a change from other delayed stream final tables where players have had teams on the rail compiling information. It’s a refreshing move and welcomed by all.

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Erik Seidel Eliminated in 8th Place (€55,400)



Wind knocked out of Seidel


Hand #20

The action was folded to Timothy Adams who raised to 32,000 from the button. Erik Seidel gave up his small blind but Scott Seiver decided to make the call.

The flop brought out T 3 J and Adams bet 40,000 after Seiver had checked. Seiver called and on the turn the 6popped up.

Seiver checked again and this time Adams checked behind.

The K hit on the river and Seiver checked again. Adams paused for a second and bet 68,000. Seiver folded after about ten seconds and Adams took down the pot.

Adams now sits on 654,000 while Seiver is still second in chips

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Big Double Up For Negreanu


The blinds are now 10,000/20,000 with a 3,000 ante

Hand #26

Nicolau Villa-Lobos raised to 44,000 on the first hand in the new level and David Peters called from his immediate left. Philipp Gruissem was next to act and he called as well.

Daniel Negreanu moved all in for 476,000 from the button and both blinds folded.

Villa-Lobos folded quickly and Peters moved all in over the top. Gruissem folded and the showdown went as following.

Daniel Negreanu: A K

David Peters: T T

The board ran out A 2 9 7 Q and Negreanu secured himself of a very big double up. Negreanu now has 1,091,000 chips and that’s third behind Philipp Gruissem (1,806,000) and Scott Seiver (1,220,000). Peters was left behind with 361,000 chips.

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