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The Happy Birthday Thread

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hbkwmxii, DowntownDan, Goembi, dablues, AmScray, acesmojo, frautotenkinder (omg frau happy b'day!!)   Denzel Washington and Woodrow Wilson

An old friend of mine works on South Park. Trey knows how to be rich, one day he was having lunch in Marina del Rey looking at the ocean. He points to a boat and says, "Hey that's awesome I want that.

AKoffsuit, Prof_Mike, simo_8ball, king_tanner, Pupkin, nobadbeatpls, McRaeberg, AmAndA jOIE, jdigga1977, NickCave (RIP)


Alyssa Milano (always had a thing for her) and Jake Gyllenhaal

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crazyplaya6, bigbadbeat, ace-oo- (huh?)


Lemmy Kilmister and Howard Hughes



Xmas birthdays


arerad, custom36, Nowondasgirl, Jimboozie


Ricky Henderson and Rod Serling

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holdemdreamer, Queenie B, nomadicpro, Cheeto(h), The Machine (omg machine happy b'day)


Anthony Hopkins and Val Kilmer



wtf is up with the new year's birthdays? those ppl made it up.


Grandmaster Flash and J. Edgar Hoover

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MisterB, Ouch-8s, pinrail, wesrman, vervius, Daniel Schoen, Tration101, IamStewie (god i hate family guy), pokerguru00000, JasonDyke, Blondyboro, bun211, phyllis01, flatfooted chimp.


Louis Braille (braille system obv) and Don Shula.

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