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The Happy Birthday Thread

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Tiburon41, Matmunk, KingBubba69, Everlast11


John F. Kennedy Jr. and Cris Carter




hammrtime, Irish-4-Ever, SavagePenguin, mrdevil2u


Robert Goulet and Charles Schultz

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My friend Frankie is a life long Angeleno, and used to be a delightful, fun filled drunk.hes also a very good blues guitarist, and has played all over town.   Anyway, one day Frankie is on one side

Incubus77546, JasonBo, Jennings7


Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee




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Jon Stewart and Chamillionaire

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Jodie Foster


The 80s really were a different time, yes?




AROUND THE NATION; Jodie Foster Charged In Cocaine Case




Published: December 29, 1983


BOSTON, Dec. 28— The actress Jodie Foster was charged by the state police today with possessing a small amount of cocaine at Logan International Airport last week, a spokesman for the District Attorney said.

Notice of the misdemeanor complaint was sent to the actress in California, said David Rodman, a spokesman for Newman Flanagan, the Suffolk County District Attorney.

Customs officials stopped Miss Foster at the airport Dec. 19 and found her carrying a small amount of a white substance. They said she admitted the substance was cocaine and paid a $100 fine.

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just shut this thread down, if you're not going to be committed. It was a great piece of art, but now it's trash.


I knew he couldn't make it five years!

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