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The Happy Birthday Thread

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An old friend of mine works on South Park. Trey knows how to be rich, one day he was having lunch in Marina del Rey looking at the ocean. He points to a boat and says, "Hey that's awesome I want that.

My friend Frankie is a life long Angeleno, and used to be a delightful, fun filled drunk.hes also a very good blues guitarist, and has played all over town.   Anyway, one day Frankie is on one side

Dink Donk is a scammer?? What's the story there?


lamila, tammy3226, hoffa, setexasman, FTWDOMER


Jon Lovitz and Ernest Hemingway


He owed a couple hundred bucks ( maybe less) for fantasy baseball, and just disappeared from 4betbluff, never paying up. It's possible he just died, I guess.

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Oziumrules (omg another scammer?!), ChunkyLuver69, 87suited, azureXsmurF, mute22, SumLuganette, FamousJerry, brm2207


Willem Dafoe and Selena Gomez

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