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The Happy Birthday Thread

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Didn't really wanna do this; but since you asked and you been a nice guy (MrFritz)...decided, why not. Orange you glad I did? hehe


Don't let it get to your head tho...only doing this for this weekend!


Happy B-day to these FCP non-active dudes!




And here is something (not) worth watching.....!


Happy B-day!

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My friend Frankie is a life long Angeleno, and used to be a delightful, fun filled drunk.hes also a very good blues guitarist, and has played all over town.   Anyway, one day Frankie is on one side

RoseyG, alf13, SoCooLBob, xzanos, TDBuddah, I-fold08, gunnarsson, TheRealDeal_08, rcgs59, Sea.Bass.JR, rcqs59, Misti Blue.   rofl they have the same b'day?!   Meg Ryan and Calvin Klein

tyvm misti blue! I'll have to see if I can get some more special guest appearances in here, maybe a celebrity (vegas knights lol).


Happy Birthday dreamcaster, GoCryWolfe, hwalls, ATC-Jenn (yaaaa buddy), carterlm, MrSputter, DucksBullets, Ladi77, ibjerome190, shane21, Osafune2, Sal Paradise, saralogy.


Alfred Nobel and Judge Judy.

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Hey Vegas knights, guest hosting would be a great way to gain some publicity for your triple award winning script. Plus, I think JoeyJoJo is turning 106 soon, so now is the perfect time.

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Hey you guys. Fritz is off for the weekend, so I've got the comm. Let's get to it.


3 Birthdays Today:


gates1026 31 (total posts 25, last active March 2006)


fawn_72 41 (total posts 0, last active October 2008)


CindyLou 21 (total posts 950, last post November 2012 HAHA JUST KIDDING YESTERDAY)




Cary Elwes, CM Punk

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9 Birthdays Today:


Jdr999 (29) (2161, last active May 2009)


wdgibby (31) (3, August 2006)


H_Factor73 (40 hey you guys I bet the "73" in his name is his birth year) (342, November 2012)


Lacilobaid (30) (29, August 2006)


Yoshiko77 (36) (0, July 2008)


bsattitude (42) (0, February 2009, the very same day he joined)


sven00100 (25) (31, May 2010)


marryfoxgirl (48) (2, 20 November 2009)


JoeyJoJo (33)





Teddy Roosevelt, John Cleese

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I just wanted to say how much fun it was to guest host the Birthday Thread for the weekend. Really humbled, you guys. Hopefully I'll be invited back next weekend, but totally not taking anything for granted.


Can't wait for next weekend, you guys.

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tyvm NickCave! Weekend gig is yours if you want it, and I knew that prick Joey was gonna do somethin. Joey, Bob and fukin Pot_Odds. boy what a trio that is.


Happy Birthday SuitedAces21, Madman5620, Roo6339, Hockey Guy (lol very clever), dmonkeygruvenzachfenxis (wtf).


Shouts to Jonas Salk and Bill Gates.

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kendren, Roberts2003 (drinkin in his profile pic, what a bad ass), dandaman, KHSPoker21, pookie_jurd, ricky soul, Timelapse, Outpost5, GreeneStreet.


Christopher Columbus and Danny Tartabull.

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