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Survivor Blood Vs Water - Pool Time Again

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yup, I am in reserve not caring whether I am in or out

Tina's daughter is hot.    

Can we vote misti off the island

Hey Merc - It's not quite the same thing because your $200 is sitting in the govfcp paypal account which has no bank attached to it (It's used only as the escrow account). I'll send it to your email address through paypal but it will probably say you need to open an account in order to receive the funds. You can then add a bank to your account and withdraw it.

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Mercury should be banned from next season for being an idiot.



Edit: no offense, Mercury!

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Mercury just get a paypal account. We have been doing it this way for years.


Gov if this hasn't been taken care of already, I suggest giving Mercury a deadline to setup a paypal account, and if he doesn't do it by the deadline he is DQ'ed and gobears wins

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