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The Vegas/poker Themed Screenplay “Vegas Knights” Wins Its 3Rd Honor.

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I have a question for world famous script writer, Gerry Burlage. Do you like renaissance faires?

Just so we're clear:   You're counting making this list as one of the 'honors'?            

Things don't move as quickly as you think in the screenplay world, Guapo. In the industry (that's what we insiders call it. You might know it as "Hollywood") it takes years, and at least three natio

Do you think a successful poker themed movie would be good news for poker?


awesome. so when was the release date and how much did it gross domestic opening weekend?



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Yes. All available information suggests that your script would not be a successful movie.

You have the right to your opinion as a person who has read at most 1 1/2 scenes, and script reviewer (who has read the whole script) has the right to theirs: That opinion can be read in post 22 on this link



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First of all, the guy is ( alleged by you) a film reviewer, not a script reviewer. Which is different. A film reviewer knows how to judge a finished product. They may have absolutely no idea how to judge a script and understand how well it can be made into a film, particularly if they have never worked in the industry. A script reviewer would be someone who actually worked in the industry and actually helps make scripts into movies ( or writes successful scripts themselves).


Second of all.. YOUR REVIEWER IS UNNAMED. How the hell are we to know that the reviewer is credible ( much less the review is real and not a figment of your delusions).



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...YOUR REVIEWER IS UNNAMED. How the hell are we to know that the reviewer is credible...
I'd have to be crazy to put the name out there as I know there will be people who will search every nook and cranny of the net looking for something to be negative about. Besides, all you have to do is read the review and I think it is apparent that the person knows a good deal about film.


By the way, the first 3 scenes of the script can be seen in this thread:



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