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Python Kills Two Boys In Canada.

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"the mother escaped unharmed..." is the thing about this that slays me.

There's a huge snake in a room killing your kid and his little friend, you don't 'escape' and leave the children to their fate. I mean, I assume Canadians are still allowed to at least have kitchen knives, right? Cut the ****ing thing in half.


Either way, the whole thing is just bizarre. I'm not an expert on reptiles and I realize they can get pretty damn big- especially when they're left as invasive species, such as in Sothern Florida- but is a pet store python killing TWO boys at once really within their ordinary capabilities? I'm guessing one of those little boys was lot braver than 'mom' and stayed to try and protect his friend.

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That report makes it seem like the Mother was in the room but nothing I've seen says that and the children weren't found by an adult until the morning.





Global News reached Mr. Savoie by phone on Monday. In a five-minute interview posted to the network’s website he explained that the “vicious” snake, which was rarely handled, escaped through a ventilation system and fell through the ceiling of the children’s room.


Still in shock, he said he was baffled how the snake could have made its way through such a narrow pipe and said he discovered the children dead on Monday morning when he woke up to check on them.


“They were sleeping; they didn’t even open their eyes or nothing,” he said.

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“They were sleeping; they didn’t even open their eyes or nothing,” he said.


Apparently the lads were discovered by Lenny from Of Mice and Men.


Anyway, here's the breed of snake in question.








There isn't a scenario I could possibly imigane where I'd let my small kids sleep in the same house as one of those.

If given the choice between them staying in a house with something like that or staying with a random stranger, I'm going stranger 100% of the time.

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Police say that the 100-pound African rock python that escaped its cage and was involved in the death of two young New Brunswick brothers was being kept in a second-floor apartment — not in the exotic pet store below.


Noah Barthe, 4, and Connor Barthe, 6, were found dead Monday morning after an approximately 100-pound African rock python escaped its cage through a ventilation shaft, and fell into the room were the boys were sleeping.

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