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Fantasy Football 2013-14

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Same ol stuff different year. $50 buy in, ppr fractional scoring.


Confirmed in:

Kobe2odom paid

TwstWrst paid

Gocubsgo paid

pillypill paid


donk4life paid


canary paid

vvganeshav paid

pocketacesa5 paid


roger (my buddy) paid

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Either one coach, I'd prefer Wednesday for work reasons.

Finally won a game!!

I dont really think it was fair to veto it already. I believe it warranted a little more discussion. They clearly both wanted to make the deal.   Yes it improved Joshs team to add AP but as he said

Anyone going to be interested in getting some props going? Like pick teams that will win, guess highest margin of victory each week, etc.

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Any chance we can push the draft start time back a bit? Seems very early. I think someone else mentioned it as well and I would definitely be in favor of it.

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I've invited everyone, six people have joined. For some reason they don't always work and I have to send multiple invites. So far the only payment I've received is from Canary. I am open to changing the draft time, I Just picked something just to get the league started.

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