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Why Are Crime Rates Falling World Wide

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Very interesting article from The Economist on falling rates of crime pretty much everywhere in the Western World.


Please note that the first person who mentions more concealed carry laws in some American States will be showing themselves as having zero reading comprehension.


Falling crime


Where have all the burglars gone?


The rich world is seeing less and less crime, even in the face of high unemployment and economic stagnation




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It could be technology. Better security in cars and homes due to computerization.

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It could be technology. Better security in cars and homes due to computerization.


There is no question that a large part of the decrease in auto theft is due to technology


My own first hand experience. I had an older car that didn't have any anti theft on it and it was stolen 3 times for joy rides. Once from a large mall parking lot and twice from my home parking spot. I got a new car with an immobilizer and parked in the same spot for the next 10 years and zero thefts.

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It could be technology. Better security in cars and homes due to computerization.



This was my initial thought before reading the article. That, along with the fact that there are cameras everywhere now and the likelihood of getting captured on camera/caught is much higher than it would have been in any other era.



I'd guess that this is the number one reason for the falling crime rates by a very wide margin.

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I've never been particularly covetous however when I was a sleepover guest of the government, there was this old man that had a little radio.

To be more specific, a Grundig Mini World 100 PE pocket shortwave radio. He had picked it up somewhere along the way through his travels up and down the various security classifications, it was something unavailable at our particular institution but they let him bring it with him when he transfered in.


All we had available to us in terms of radios were incredibly crappy dollar store jobs that probably cost $3, marked up to $15. They hardly got the most powerful local FM stations, nevermind the mildler AM stuff. That little Grundig, however, was hauling in Shortwave stuff, everything local on the AM and FM bands and there that old ****** would be, sitting on his bunk, legs up, listening to faraway places on shortwave, political and sports talk radio on AM, crystal clear tunes on FM.


I wanted it more than I have ever wanted anything in my life.


The old man was not a gambler, so I couldn't get it that way. You really don't want to 'steal' from a convict, even an old man, since that can very well mean a fight to the death and it just wasn't worth it. The only thing I could do is try and figure out a way to con him out of it, which wasn't going to be easy with an experienced long-termer. This guy wasn't some cul-de-sac kid in for selling pills at the house party.


I had a friend google his name and figure out what he was in for. It was a bastard ************ but one small "Old Newspaper To Searchable Text" from 1993 had a story about him robbing some store, shooting (but not killing) the clerk and having an 'extensive criminal history' when he was caught, explaining his stiff time. He also determined he had a mother and a sister with whom he was still in contact.


Anyway, we concocted an elaborate scheme whereby I'd befriend him, circulate a rumour that people with convictions prior to 1995 were eligable for early release due to overcrowding but they had to have someone on the outside petition on their behalf. I explained to him that my brother (really my friend) actually worked as an assistant in the governers office and would probably be handling the petitions..


He bit.

Friend printed up some official looking 'press releases' and fabricated printouts of fake online newspaper report detailing the new plan. Smuggled them in to me as legal documents. I passed them on to him and let him read them. He was thrilled. His mother contacted the office of clemency but they were unaware of such a program. Thankfully, Mr. Schneidman (my friend) called her back a week later to let her know that it was possible and he'd be in touch. Schneidman refered the info he got from mom, which I then relayed to old con as 'proof' that I had an in with the governers office and knew exactly what they weer doing. It was slick as shit with fake 'case numbers' and everything,.


I told him my brother would be visiting next weekend, maybe I'd put in a good word for him, but our visit was short and I may forget about it. But I'd try not too... He begged, pleaded to make him priority number 1. I asked what was in it for me, to completely blow my limited time with my brother talking about some shitty old con?


Comissary, his watch, he offered everything but the kitchen sink... and the radio.

I told him I'd do it for the radio, he balked, I then promised I'd give him my old one either way. He agreed, gave me that sweet, sweet little shortwave radio which I enjoyed till the day I got out. Broke the bad news a few weeks later, the early release program had been cancelled, thanks for the radio tho.


The point is, people do odd shit when they want or need stuff; the degre of oddity is directily proportional to how badly they want or need it, or, the negative consequences of inaction.



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