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2013 Wsop No Limit Holdem Main Event

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http://www.pokernews...chips.67750.htm   Five-Way All-In Pot Shipped To Sohrabi; Three Players Eliminated   Wow!   What. A. Hand.   An innocent raise from a player under the gun to 1,100 star

Schwartz Takes a Monster Beat For Huge Pot; Receives One Round Penalty


In one of the biggest hands of the tournament so far, we saw Luke Schwartz take a monster beat for a pot that would've made him the chip leader. The aftermath of the hand earned Schwartz a one round penalty.


Josh Pollock opened from middle position. Action folded around to Schwartz in the small blind who reraised. Action folded back to Pollock and he put in a fourth bet which was 37,000 more. Schwartz then put in a fifth bet for 60,000 more and action was back to Pollock. He went deep into the tank for almost 2 minutes before finally announcing that he was all in for a total of 349,000 more. Schwartz snap called.


Schwartz: {A-Spades}{A-Clubs}

Pollock: {K-Diamonds}{K-Spades}


It was a classic cooler situation and since he was on the favorable end, Schwartz pulled out $200 from his pocket and laid it in the dealer's tray. "This is for you," he said.


"I can't accept this right now," the dealer said.


Perhaps Schwartz was hoping for some good fortune so he would be able to fade a king with his tip to the dealer. Unfortunately for him the flop came down {2-Clubs}{K-Hearts}{10-Hearts}. Schwartz stood up from the table and let out a huge, exasperated sigh. He began pacing around the tan section of the Amazon room, knocking over chairs, kicking tables and even tearing down a curtain in his path.


The board completed with a {5-Hearts} and a {Q-Spades} and Schwartz came back to the table just to make sure he hadn't hit the ace.


"Wow," he said. "What a f***ing joke."


After the hand and the chips were cut out, a floor moved over to Schwartz's table and issued him a one round penalty for his behavior after the hand.


The huge pot set Pollock up to 835,000 in chips while Schwartz was knocked down to under 400,000.

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Doyle Brunson Eliminated



Tim Ulrich raised to 16,000 in early position and Sergei Stazhkov called from the hijack. Doyle Brunson three-bet to 86,000 on the button, forcing folds from the blinds and from Ulrich. After a few moments Stazhkov re-raised all in, resulting in Brunson calling all in for 204,000.


Stazhkov: 10h.gif10c.gif

Brunson: kd.gif10s.gif


The 7h.gif3c.gif2c.gif flop was no help to Brunson, nor was the 9h.gif turn. With only three outs, the two-time Main Event champion and 10-time bracelet winner was unable to catch a king as the ac.gif river ended Brunson's impressive run.


Brunson received not one, but two rousing ovations from the entire Amazon Room as he graciously made his exit.

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The only names I recognize are Carlos Mortensen and JC Tran.

Yevgeniy Timoshenko is the only other notable player (i.e. one that I've heard of) still in.

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that was a great hand. Both Shak and Hellmuth were flashing I have Aces in neon pretty large. I wonder if he can find a fold there.

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that was a great hand. Both Shak and Hellmuth were flashing I have Aces in neon pretty large. I wonder if he can find a fold there.


I don't know. When Shak is screaming, "I got it, I got it!" after a Hellmuth insta-shove, I think I can find a fold there.

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This seems familiar for Richey


Brett Richey Eliminated in 55th Place ($123,597)



On the very next hand after Chris Kinane doubled through him, James Alexander again was raising preflop from middle position — this time for 140,000 — and it folded around to Brett Richey who pushed his short stack all in from the big blind. Alexander called right away.


Richey had ks.gifqh.gif, but unfortunately for him was up against Alexander's da.gifac.gif. The community cards rolled out jd.gif4c.gif5s.gif8s.gif3d.gif, and having failed to improve Richey goes out in 55th place.

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The 2013 WSOP November Nine Is Set; Carlos Mortensen Finishes 10th





The 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event has reached this year's November Nine. At noon on Friday, 27 players remained for Day 7, but that has since been whittled down to just one third of that field. The man who bagged up the chip lead for the four-month hiatus was two-time WSOP gold bracelet winner JC Tran.


Joining Tran to play for poker's greatest prize are Amir Lehavot, Marc McLaughlin, Jay Farber, Ryan Riess, Sylvain Loosli, Michiel Brummelhuis, Mark Newhouse and David Benefield.


Benjamin Pollak was the first player eliminated on the day, falling in 27th place. From there, Jorn Walthaus and Jason Mann headed out the door, then it was time for Steve Gee's amazing back-to-back run to come to an end. After making last year's WSOP Main Event final table and placing ninth, Gee took 24th this year.


After Gee, Clement Tripodi, Yevgeniy Timoshenko and Maxx Coleman fell, a huge shocker occurred with the elimination of start-of-the-day chip leader Anton Morgenstern. Despite beginning the day with a big lead and nearly 22 million in chips, Morgenstern busted in 20th place. Not much seemed to go his way throughout Day 7, including a big clash with Newhouse when he flopped trip aces to Newhouse's full house.


Then, James Alexander then finished in 20th place, James Alexander in 19th, Jan Nakladal in 18th, Fabian Ortiz in 17th, Chris Lindh in 16th, Bruno Kawauti in 15th, Sergio Castelluccio in 14th and Alexander Livingston in 13th. At this point, two tables of six remained. Then, two-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Rep Porter was sent off in 12th place by Riess.


Following Matthew Reed's elimination in 11th place, the final 10 players redrew to one table on the ESPN main stage where the plan was to lose one more. JC Tran had a big chip lead, and Newhouse took his seat at a severe short stack with just six big blinds. Luckily for the latter, he was able to find an early double up through Loosli. Newhouse then three-bet shoved a couple of times to pick up some more chips and get himself out of the basement.


The biggest story remaining when the unofficial final table was reached was that of Carlos Mortensen, who was looking to become a two-time champion of this event after having won it back in 2001. As it turns out, Mortensen would finish as the 10th-place finish and bubble the famed November Nine.


Mortensen was knocked back a couple of times as opponents shoved on him. With the additional beatings taken from the blinds and antes, Mortensen slipped to the shortest stack remaining. Then, he was eliminated by Tran.


On the final hand, Mortensen raised to 800,000 from the cutoff seat, and Tran called out of the big blind. The flop came down 10c.gif6c.gif3s.gif, and Tran check-called a bet of 800,000 from Mortensen. The turn was the 9c.gif, and Tran moved all in, having Mortensen covered. With a little over 3.5 million left in his stack, Mortensen called.


Mortensen tabled the ac.gif9h.gif for a pair and a flush draw. Tran held the 8c.gif7s.gif for a straight to the ten. Needing any club but the 7c.gif on the river, Mortensen was looking to hit a flush and double up. If not, the night would be over.


In the end, it was the 2d.gif that hit the felt and that was that. Mortensen was eliminated in 10th place, taking home $573,204, while the other nine players rejoiced as they have reached the greatest final table in the world.


On behalf of PokerNews and the WSOP, we would like to thank everyone for following along all summer long. Plenty of history was made once again, and the 2013 WSOP will surely be one to remember. For now, this is our final good night from Las Vegas for the summer, but we'll see you right back here in early November for the conclusion of this spectacular event. Thanks for following along!

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The Official 2013 Main Event Final Table






1 Sylvain Loosli France 19,600,000

2 Michiel Brummelhuis Netherlands 11,275,000

3 Mark Newhouse USA 7,350,000

4 Ryan Riess USA 25,875,000

5 Amir Lehavot Israel 29,700,000

6 Marc McLaughlin Canada 26,525,000

7 JC Tran USA 38,000,000

8 David Benefield USA 6,375,000

9 Jay Farber USA 25,975,000

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Online Bookies Release WSOP November Nine Odds




J.C. Tran (38,000,000)


Amir Lehavot (29,700,000)


Marc McLaughlin (26,525,000)


Jay Farber (25,975,000)


Ryan Riess (25,875,000)


Sylvain Loosli (19,600,000)


Michiel Brummelhuis (11,275,000)


Mark Newhouse (7,350,000)


David Benefield (6,375,000)


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TSN2 will have coverage of the final table beginning tonight (Nov. 4) at 10 p.m. ET, continues tomorrow at 9:30pmET

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Andrew Feldman ‏@AFeldmanESPN 51m

More info on Canada and the final table: TSN will start with online coverage on TSN.ca and then will join in prog at 10:00pm for TV coverage



Andrew Feldman ‏@AFeldmanESPN 52m

More Canada: RDS plans to have online coverage on RDS.ca for the duration of coverage both nights.

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So just saw where the dealer was going to kill a guy's hand while he was standing right next to his seat getting his mic pack looked at.


kind of interesting given Daniel's perspective on the new rules.

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So just saw where the dealer was going to kill a guy's hand while he was standing right next to his seat getting his mic pack looked at.


kind of interesting given Daniel's perspective on the new rules.


WSOP has sided with Daniel on the issue and don't use the 1st card off the deck rule but rather the last card one that has been used all along.

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