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Poker Stars Road To 100 Billion Hands Promotions

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Stars is offering more than just the hand promos.




Road to 100 Billion: Your map to $5 million in prize money



by Brad Willis on May 29, 2013 8:47 AM




It's been a long road. It's taken eleven years to make the trip. We've stopped at waypoint after waypoint and milestone after milestone. Now, our destination on the PokerStars Road to 100 Billion is just ahead, and the party is going to be as epic as they get.


PokerStars is ready to deal its 100 billionth hand and dole out $5 million in prize money during the celebration. This is not your average "we hit a big hand" soiree. It's more. It's so much more.


What's in store? What's not store? In the next few weeks, you're going to see more promotions than ever, including a $300,000 World Record Tournament, Zoom & BOOM!, Greatest Poker Hand, $1 million Zoom 100 tourney, $1 million worth of Golden Sit & Go tourneys, a $1 million Ultimate Freeroll, and, of course, the Million Dollar Hand.


That seems like a lot, I know. So, consider this your map to the biggest poker party on the planet.




[url=http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/promotions/100-billion/]THE MILLION DOLLAR HAND


This is what it's all about. This is the big one. Some time in the next few weeks, PokerStars will deal its 100 billionth hand of poker. In the run-up to the big one, PokerStars will give out up to $1 million in prize money to people who are dealt into or win milestone hands. The pre-party will start with hand #99,700,000,000 and pay out every million hands until the big 100 billionth hand hits.


That's when it will get wild.


Every player dealt into the 100 billionth hand will earn at least $10,000. The winner of that hand will get at least $100,000. The prize money will go up based on the number of VIP Player Points (VPPs) the players have earned in the run-up to the hand.


But that's not all. PokerStars is guaranteeing it will give out $1 million when the hand hits. So, after all the prize money has been taken out for the people who were in the 100 billionth hand PokerStars will spread the rest out to everybody else who was playing the same game, structure, and stakes ($1/$2 NHLE, for example) at the time. So, even if you aren't dealt in, you could win some money.


On its own, that would be more than enough to make it worth your time. But, like we said, there's a lot more to this party. Read on.




On June 16, PokerStars will once again try to break its own record for the biggest poker tournament in history. Organizers are looking to hit 225,000 players. So, PokerStars is throwing a $300,000 guaranteed tournament that only costs a dollar to enter. If you win, you'll get $25,000 guaranteed.


Last time PokerStars did this in December 2011, 200,000 people signed up to set the record. Now, you can be part of the new record attempt.




There have been a great many amazing hands televised since PokerStars began broadcasting its tournaments. I know I have my favorite (I'll tell you what it is at some other point). But in the next few weeks, you will get to decide which is the greatest ever.


PokerStars will be putting hands online, and you will get to vote. Once you do, you'll need to prepare yourself for a special Zoom & BOOM! promotion that will let you win money by winning a pot with a specially-selected hand.


Stay tuned for more on this promotion in the coming days.




Oh, this is going to be something special.


On June 23, PokerStars will debut its brand new $1 million guaranteed $109 Zoom tournament, the Zoom 100. It's just what it sounds like. You put up $109 or a satellite ticket equivalent, and you'll get a chance to play a Zoom tourney for a guaranteed $1 million in prize money. First place is guaranteed to be at least $100,000.




Remember Willy Wonka and the golden ticket? Imagine if PokerStars had such a thing.

June 17-23, it will.


Here's how it works: you buy in to one of your standard Sit & Go tourneys--any game, any amount. Once it fills, there is a chance PokerStars will tell you that you have been dealt into one of the special Golden Sit & Go tourneys. What does that mean? It means that the prize pool will be substantially more than the amount you paid for.


There will be three different levels.

  • Double prize pool + two buy-ins per player
  • Quadruple prize pool + four buy-ins per player
  • Ten times prize pool + ten buy-ins per player


In all PokerStars figures it will give out $1 million in additional prize money...but it could be more.




On June 30, PokerStars will throw the after-party of all after-parties with a $1 million free-to-enter tournament with a $50,000 first prize. You'll need a ticket to get in, but they won't be too hard to come by.

PokerStars will be running a series of trivia freerolls that will be password protected. Once you answer a question about PokerStars' history, you will get a ticket to the Ultimate Freeroll. The trivia events will run every day from June 5-29.


If you don't get in with one of those...then consider this.



You didn't think PokerStars would throw a party this big without a deposit bonus thrown into the party favor bag, did you? Of course not.

You'll be able to cash in this bonus in one of a couple of ways.

  • Deposit $50 or more using bonus code ULTIMATE for an Ultimate Freeroll entry ticket (one per player)
  • Deposit from $10 to $49.99 using bonus code FREEROLL and get free entry to a 6-Max Sit & Go Ultimate Freeroll satellite. The satellite winner will progress to the Ultimate Freeroll tournament. You can deposit once per week to qualify.



So, I know that's a lot to digest in one sitting, but fear not. We'll remind you along the way. In the meantime, be sure to check out all the details on the Road to 100 Billion information page.


Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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Mega Milestone in about 28 hours.

........ didn't you hit a milestone hand awhile back. It was either you or that one guy that used to contribute to this forum. EDIT . do it again .
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........ didn't you hit a milestone hand awhile back. It was either you or that one guy that used to contribute to this forum. EDIT . do it again .


Yep, 60 billionth. I haven't really left.


Gonna guess 9:06pm* UK time which is 4:06pm EST, pretty much at peak traffic time.


*edited guess

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Lee Jones ‏@leehjones 3h

Uptweet: Thanks to insane action @PokerStars, hand #100BN gonna hit sooner. Get on by 7:30p UK time (2:30pm Eastern) for safety.

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If anyone is playing it is a good idea to spread the limit you are playing at due to the the remainder of the Million Dollar Hand prize money being split across all other players seated at the same game, betting structure and stake when the hand was dealt. ( partially copied and paste from Pokerstars)

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There are five other players at the table who each win $10,000 and a total of $320,000 for the VPPs they have earned. The total prize money awarded at the Mega Milestone table is therefore $590,000, leaving $410,000 for the Stake Share.

The total amount of VPPs earned towards milestone hands at $1/$2 NLHE comes to 205,000, meaning each VPP earned is worth $2. Your 60 VPPs are therefore worth an additional $120 of Stake Share.

This means the total number of VPPs earned over the last 7 days? If so I don't think spread limiting actually increases your equity, I may be missing something though.

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