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Was It A Nit Fold With Top Pair Weak Kicker Vs Unknown?

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Now think that it was a reaaly nit fold. But what I would do on the turn and river against his aggression?


Replay the hand on http://macropoker.com/replay/log/328

crisselet (UTG) ($17.23, (68.9bb))

blinkiejans (MP1) ($23.55, (94.2bb))

HebeFans (CO) ($25.45, (101.8bb))

Hansi23 (BU) ($7.04, (28.2bb))

HERO (SB) ($40.48, (161.9bb))

iceman-fs5 (BB) ($19.36, (77.4bb))


Pre-Flop: ($0.35, 6 players) HERO is SB


4 folds, HERO raises to $0.60, iceman-fs5 calls $0.35,


Flop: ($1.2, 2 players)


HERO bets $0.75, iceman-fs5 raises to $2, HERO folds,

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meh, ya. I don't like the fold here. Call flop and at least evaluate the turn. Most likely call there as well depending on what hits.


what are villains stats? history?

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If you're folding to a single raise on the flop here then I suggest shortening your preflop raising range in this spot to avoid the situation altogether.


That said, I like 3 bet on the flop.


But overall, I agree with TrueAce... "meh, ya."

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Battle of the Blinds ... How does your opponent view your c-bet? As just a c-bet or something a little more solid? Would you see a raise from AQ PF or more likely here on the Flop? I dont mind the raise PF, but when you see a call and aggression on the Flop you are really in a tough spot here OOP against most opponents I would think.


Sure you could call and see a Turn, what do you do if the 2s hits and you get raised or bet into big? There are so many bad cards, even a K, that can hit the Turn that you would have to 'barrel' through with no kicker. Your decisions here have to be based on opponent image and opponent's image of you. Against someone you have some history against this very well could be a good spot to follow through (cheaply going forward) but against an unknown you have to choose how much you want to pay for the information.


I also agree that if you are more inclined to fold in these spots that it would be better to keep the pots smaller by limping in, nothing wrong with having a K in your pocket. I probably would be more likely to continue the hand if I had limped as opposed to the hand AP. GL

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Folding here would be pretty exploitable, even tho it isn't something you need to worry about as much in the lower levels. What exactly is villain repping in his range by raising here? He 3bets a decent amount of his stronger king type hands (KT+, etc.). With that, he can't have 2 pair, he can't have a set...MAYBEEEEE 66, but I doubt he raises flop. He could have a QXss type hand, but I still like the lower variance play by just flatting.


When we just call here, we aren't leading turns, even if it is a 2 or a K. The reason for that is we want villain to keep bluffing. If the 2s does hit the turn and his range could be made of FDs; we can call turn and evaluate river.


In these situations we need to use our history on the villain, but also try some hand reading skills. Why would he do certain things w/ stronger hands, especially since we are gonna be light here a lot blind v blind.

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