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You people do understand why this is *really* happening, right? Haha, no. You're monkeys who take everything at face value and don't understand how cynically manipulative people in that business relly

Yes I can, but that misses the point of my previous post, which was that Colonel FeatherFace phrased his criticism of Obama in a pretty racist sounding way, while he was suggesting that he was, in rea

Are you high?   During the presidency of George W. Bush we experienced:   - The worst terrorist attack in our history. - The start of a major war in Afghanistan. - The start of another, simultan

IRS scandal was attempted to be downplayed as only affecting about 75 organizations, but that number has swelled to over 500 and will probably continue to grow.




Because let's face it, republicans and libertarians hate the IRS in general. The left loves it because it goes after rich people and takes away the money they earned stole. So it's no wonder that the main guy at the IRS gave the maximum legally allowed to the Obama campaign, and that they vote democrat 3:1.It's much more likely that a person thinking of joining the IRS would be a leftist, because the right doesn't like what they stand for.

Being unionized federal employees who can hardly ever be fired makes them not care if they break laws, because they are doing it for the greater good of making our country a leftist haven for freedom ( by targeting political enemies and breaking laws designed to protect the citizens of this country )

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The IRS agents were told months ago, then again a couple months later, then later again, to stop targeting conservatives. So the IRS has been very diligent to cover this. Besides they fired a guy who didn't care so let's move on.org


Benghazi was the CIA's fault for using 'National Security' as an excuse to not give the facts. Therefore we do not need to know whom ordered the troops to "Stand Down" twice. Nor is it possible that anyone who refused the security they needed should be held accountable for an Ambassador getting killed. Come on, "What Does It Matter?"


And the AP? We need to reach the point where we can trust the government to be responsible in confiscating phone records to catch a person IN THEIR MIDST for talking to a reporter. It would be stupid for them to break out a polygraph machine and hook up the 13 people who knew about the operation, much better to sift through thousands of phones numbers and confirm why exactly Americans were talking to reporters at the AP. Of course the AG knew nothing about this, he was much to busy not knowing anything about Fast and Furious to waste time on catching a major leak in the administration that put a man's life in danger ( but the man was brown, so its okay? )


Does the wax in your ears get under your fingernails from the prolonged exposure?

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You people do understand why this is *really* happening, right? Haha, no. You're monkeys who take everything at face value and don't understand how cynically manipulative people in that business relly are.


The mainstream media has been fellating Obama since he got in. This is no secret. Even intellectually honest left-wing media outlets are speking out against this, how badly the largest and most influential outlets have completely dropped the ball and shirked their duties as journalists in favor of some pathetic, rockstar awe.


The AP subpoenas shook them awake.

They realized what the man really is- an old school, Chicago-Way politician- and that this sort of shit is in no way beneath him.


Obama miscalculated his gravity with the Shlomos so now they're showing him what it looks like when the media doesn't like an administration. They actually report shit instead of page-10'ing it behind Snookie. Well played. Hussien.


Consider Bush had to deal with this for 8 years.


Also, what I wouldn't give to have a man like Nixon right now.

A ball. That's what I'd give. A ball.

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Will we be lucky enough to have a John Dean in the Obama administration?


BTW, this book is the best one on the Watergate scandal and what really happened. Written years later by two left wing journalist after compiling all the interviews and testimonies, as well as interviewing people like G. Gordon Liddy.


Really amazing how badly Woodward and Bernstein were at their jobs, how bad the democrats wanted Nixon, even to the point of granting full immunity to the guy who really committed most of the crimes. Nixon literally knew nothing of the break ins, but was guilty of trying to invoke national security to prevent the investigation by the authorities for a petty crime, that was mostly targeting the prostitutes being used by democrat delegates and facilitated by the DNC. John Dean went on to marry the madam of the brothel, so that she could not be made to testify against him.


Great book.

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What we've "learned".





How anyone could read that article and come away with, "Yeah, that seems like a reasonable explanation.", is beyond me.

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How about it not being their fault since the government took away the rules that prevented them from targeting people they disagreed with.


Because if there isn't a rule against it, then its not their fault...

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Bob, do you think the IRS refusing to investigate before the election was politically motivated?


I would think that politics are involved in a lot of decisions that senior bureaucrats make.


I would be very surprised if the IRS agents doing the work on the ground look on Tea Party type groups favorably but probably the larger motivation than partisanship for them flagging groups with certain names is looking for easy targets who are trying to cheat the system.


The reality is that these groups choose to organize as 501©(4)s so that they can hide their donors names while still enjoying tax exempt status. They are supposed to mostly be doing work for the "social good" with political work being a small part of their activities. The 501©(4) designation is being abused by everybody from both the right and the left but it's far easier to recognize the right wing groups by their names.


Put yourself in the IRS agent's shoes. You probably dislike Tea Party types to begin with, they are flashing a neon sign that they are going to abuse the 501©(4) designation with their names and that makes them low hanging fruit to flag for extra scrutiny. That agent also probably isn't the most talented in the World and he isn't given good support or guidance from management above. You put all that together and you get obvious right wing groups getting extra scrutiny. It isn't right but the reality is that almost all 501©(4)s are full of shit about social welfare and political work and they shouldn't have the designation.


The bigger issue should be about the political spending loopholes and abuse.

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Bob this is silly, even for a lefty like you.


The IRS has admitted they targeted the Tea Party while fast tracking left wing 501c3s during an election.


A large contributors to Romney's campaign was audited within months of his donation. Along with his spouse and his business.


The IRS leadership was informed of the targeting of political enemies months before the election, and they shelved any action until months after the election.


During the time they ignored the actions, those agents received bonuses.


The agent in charge of that entire department was promoted to head the department overseeing Obamacare enforcement.




And you want us to ignore that and focus on the legitimacy of political 501c3s?




The democrat party has used the IRS to target political enemies and allowed it to continue for 6+ months after finding out about it. They cannot claim ignorance, because they knew about this for a long time.


The only action they've taken is to deny knowledge and fire a guy 2 weeks early from his retirement ( which will be with full benefits for life )




I guess when the next republican wins the white house and the IRS only audits liberals we can again address the issue of what constitutes 'helping a community' according to one page in a 74,000 page legal form.

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What's your end game here, Bob? Why are you trying to defend people that were clearly unethical? That makes almost as much sense as people defending baby murder.

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What's your end game here, Bob? Why are you trying to defend people that were clearly unethical? That makes almost as much sense as people defending baby murder.


Hyperbolic much.


Partly I'm playing Devil's Advocate to BG.


But I also am going by what I'm reading from places like The Atlantic and David Frum. I don't think there was some massive conspiracy at the tops of the IRS or Administration to target right wing groups ( who by the letter of the law shouldn't get the designation ). That doesn't mean that there might not have been screw ups that have political motivation once higher ups found out about it.


One thing to keep in mind is that these groups are allowed to operate as if they are approved until they are not approved so any delay in approving them doesn't actually change anything about how they can operate.


I would bet that every group that was denied totally deserved to be denied based on the law. The problem is that so many of the groups that are approved shouldn't be and it seems that it was easier to get approved if you weren't obviously a Tea Party type group.


To me this is more like a traffic cop who only pulls over cars that are speeding that are made in Japan because of Pearl Harbor.


The real story should be why have the IRS do the approvals since that is not their real purpose and why even have that designation since it's being so abused.

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To me this is more like a traffic cop who only pulls over cars that are speeding that are made in Japan because of Pearl Harbor.



There is a targeting of political enemies taking place by an arm of the government that has the power to confiscate everything you own and throw you in jail. The beneficiary of this action is the party in the position to appoint the people who are tasked with overseeing these people.



You're attempts at misdirection are not a credit to your country....



Not that Canada had much going for it before.......

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