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What, you don't like your own posts? Then don't post them! (liking my own post was an inside joke I failed to share with the world, so sorry I did not include you in the joke. But you are in it now. H

So, lets see...I have (1) blown your own arguments right out of the water and provided the links to prove it, (2) proven you do not have a clue and just make shit up as you go far more than I ever sup

Dude, if you're sane, I'm a roast beef sandwich.


Wait, you mean a study might not mean what it says in the headlines?


Well seeing as how the left wing media is constantly pushing the other narrative, I think my narrative should be allowed to stand as is.



And as someone who's been to England and been warned by numerous people of the youth violence and danger in the cities, I tend to believe I'm right.

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Don't you guys ever get tired of having the same pointless debate where you ineffectively try to show how one party is superior to the other? I'm pretty sure I can find a study, article, media outlet, talk show host, or reputable source to pretty much spin anything I wanted to argue for or against. I just don't understand the constant bickering between two parties who are BOTH responsible for where we are as a country today. Who cares who caused it? Why can't we have a conversation about how we are going to move forward and strengthen our country. Just don't understand why people spend so much energy focused on proving that one party is to blame for our problems.

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I feel like the text in the top pic should read more according to the position of her hand.


Something along the lines of, "What a did the president a knowa, and when a did he know it?"

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That is really mean. On the other hand, that's an un****able lineup of anything if I ever laid eyes on one, except for Michelle, that pic is just not fair.


It's interesting to me how you can't find pics like that of Laura Bush, eyes all jacked up and looking crazy emotional. Or George Bush for that matter. Just boring pic after boring pic.


On second thought, that's barely interesting to me at all. Carry on.

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Have they gone insane? Republicans went full retard a long time ago. Fox News actually defended that Rutgers coach. We can't even agree on "should a basketball coach be allowed to throw things at college students from close range?"


I kind of gave up on politics after that. Either a third party will emerge or we will implode like a neutron star but the two party system is irreparably broken at this point.


Haven't seen you on here for a long time, was worried about you. Glad to see your alive and well.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to bring back JFK, Scoop Jackson and Byron Raymond "Whizzer" Whit? Those were the days.

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