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Funny how adages tend to be accurate.


Theres one that says, "A conservative is a liberal who was mugged" This is kinda playing out in Boston. A real hotbed of social liberalism has been making Texans proud.lately.Id be willing to bet they would be ok with torture to get info out of the bro who survived. They certainly dont want his carcass buried anywhere in Mass.


Also, after a crisis the people tend to rally around their leaders, ala Guliani after 9/11. A hated coservative mayor was suddenly, Americas mayor in a crazily liberal town. I dont sense this in Mass, with all their liberals in charge.


Finally, and maybe their may be no connection here, but strangely in the race to replace Kerrys senate seat, the flaming lib who had a 20 point lead, has shrunk to 4 after the bombing.



Flame on.

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