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I didn't ride any waves but it was less cold than I was prepared for :)


I wanna talk athletics with you


I rooted for denver for you as hard as i could remember to


I had to choose between two close friends today

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Wristwatches are now devolving (polarizing)


Your watch is automatic, mine is mechanical (laughable)


Broke my watch in the ocean (opportunistic)


You and I haven't been building watches together for the last 400 years (sad)

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For a man to break par, he MUST be willing to shoot hundreds of rounds above eighty. If he is not prepared to shoot big numbers, he is not prepared to shoot small ones.


How many rounds are you willing to play before breaking par?

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I wasn't really talking about golf. This is about doing whatever it takes to be the man you want to be.


When I wanted to be a poker player, I gave up everything for the game. And I busted myself over and over, working crazy hours in menial jobs just to keep playing. When I finally was able to support myself and thought everything was perfect, variance would repeatedly destroy hundreds of hours work in heartbeats while less competent players were trumping my results. When I finally came to peace with the game and worked my way out of that, I lost everything I had to FTP. When I was forced to start playing small live games and rebuild out of that, I did, and right when I moved up in limits, someone came into my house and stole everything I had. When I played my way out of that, again, it happened again, for twice as much. On the way back up from that, it happened two more times in two different hotels. But, soon after that, I played my way out, again. And after ten years of turmoil, for about a year, I FINALLY got what I always wanted from the game.


The point is, I spent the better part of ten years failing at poker before feeling like I had actually accomplished something. I didn't feel like I ever had a choice as to whether or not to give up poker for a "real" job. Because of that, I am a now a world class player with world class results. I think anyone trying to achieve something great, in any field, has got to willing to do the same with the same obligation to their work. If not, it's likely they'll never even make it to the first robbery. If you don't truly love what you do, it's going to be, on average, a complete waste of time to pursue it. In the end all we have is time and love. I don't want anyone wasting either.

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I have two different types of goals.


The first are endurance goals. These are goals like run for 20 minutes, take an ice bath until..., etc. I have a lot of psychology to learn with regards to these. I burned my hand on a metal pan last night :') and it slightly hindered my ability to fall asleep. I should be further along.


But burning my hand will give a peek to my psychology. The earlier I can keep calm the better. I made a mistake. The fault was mine. It was most likely caused by this. I'll do better. And that's it.


and that leads to my second type of goal. Accomplishing something, math proof, engineering, etc. Setting time goals on such things is counterproductive. I need to be flexible to change goals, pursuits, and directions at any moment. I still make mistakes and my psychology remains the same. I recognize I made a mistake, make sure I am not mad at myself, and then tell myself I will do better.




I've spent hours dedicated to the body's natural movement.

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I think we've established that being as flexible as possible at all times is most efficient. But I think the more significant the goal the more resistance the world is going to give you to get there. So, when we have lofty goals, with world class results, the world is going to need thousands of hours of efficient focus, and hundreds to thousands of failures before success. And if we don't commit ourselves to our disciplines with that sort of dedication, with that sort of resilience, it's not likely, if possible, that we are ever going to achieve the RESULTS we are looking for.





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I agree that they can be separate. But the kind of results I look for require it to be personal or else Ill never have the heart to do what's necessary to be successful.


Really, I just want to be happy. I think that's the ultimate goal for everyone that has one. And normally I have very lofty goals and high expectations for myself and my results. So if I am going to be happy, that means I normally have to work really hard over a very long period of time to be happy. If I didn't, I probably wouldn't feel very good about my results, just lucky. Honestly, although I would feel a sense of relief in winning the lottery, I wouldn't really enjoy it.

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And here are my cards:


I ran out of sad cards


I'm ready to shoot the moon


My best friend has rejoined me at the table.


I learned that I must play with love and I am trying better than my best to do so.


Has gambling ever been someone's path to long term happiness?




If you can beat me lemme see your hand. If you can't beat that ask me any question you like and if you've shot the moon I'll answer it.

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I can push myself harder than anyone else can push me, except you. I would very much prefer if you would push me to a place where I can push myself harder than you can push me.


I'm trying to push you to the same place.


Are you my huckleberry?

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I appreciate the sentiment of your post, I really do. I am trying to push you to that point, just on a super high level, so I'm sure it just looks weird.


I have been pushed my entire life by some of the fiercest competitors around. They showed me what it meant to work with a lot of intensity and focus at a very young age. As a result, I dominated every aspect of life until life was life. And even after all of that, I have realized that people can help you realize your potential, but passion through love will push you harder than any one person ever could. That's what's lying in my heart right now, which is all I want for you.


So, I can, and will, always help you reach your potential, but pushing you would only distract you from what is really going to turn you into anything you want. Love and passion.

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Yesterday Daniel made a post about team poker. As soon as I understood it was team i went "yup!"


My friend Eddie has played these following sessions:


When he was working he played a NL work tournament.


And then,

(The following are all against me, and times are estimates.)


Limit 5 card stud. 2 or 3 hours.


That Good Jim. 30 mins. And then the same day we played 5 card Ladz with the "The Navybutton" on. 3 hours.


Limit Heads up hold 'em. 1 hour.


Cracked Cracka. 30 mins.




A game I made for him that he kicked the shit out of me in before being bored. 30 mins.



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