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Wsop Asia Pacific Main Event - Daniel Wins 5Th Bracelet And $1 Million

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WSOP APAC $10,000 Main Event Day 4 Ends 5 minutes ago           Chip leader Benny Spindler     The sun has set on Day 4 of the WSOP APAC $10,000 Main Event and we finally have our official

Yup I'll post links closer to when things start.

gogogogogogo gl Daniel tid this

Many thanks for the info Bob ... Can you post the link for the stream just in case I have problems accessing it (I am in Madrid right now :icon_rolleyes: )

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Many thanks for the info Bob ... Can you post the link for the stream just in case I have problems accessing it (I am in Madrid right now :icon_rolleyes: )


Yup I'll post links closer to when things start.

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gogogogogogo gl Daniel tid this

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Links to the live stream that starts at 1:30 AM Newfoundland Time, 1:00 AM Atlantic Time, Midnight Eastern Time, 11:00 PM Central Time, 10:00 PM Mountain Time and 9:00 PM Pacific Time


WSOP Website - http://www.wsop.com/2013/APAC/live-video/


Poker Listings - http://www.pokerlistings.com/live-tournaments/wsop-apac


ESPN3 in the US - http://espn.go.com/watchespn/index/_/id/887759/2013-wsop-apac-high-roller-final-table

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20 minutes ago




The WSOP APAC Main Event final table will be filmed



Today is the day! It all started last Thursday evening when 405 players took to the felt of the Crown Poker Room in Melbourne, Australia. Slowly they were whittled down one-by-one until only eight remained and by the time tonight is in the record books, there will be only one champion.

Who will walk away as the first-ever WSOP APAC Main Event champion, taking home the coveted gold bracelet and $1,038,825 to go along with it? Only time will tell, but we can tell you it will definitely be one of the players below.

WSOP APAC Main Event – Final Table Lineup

Seat 1: Daniel Marton (Australia) – 2,160,000

Seat 2: George Tsatsis (Australia) – 2,321,000

Seat 3: Mikel Habb (Australia) – 551,000

Seat 4: Benny Spindler (Germany) – 2,931,000

Seat 5: Winfred Yu (Hong Kong) – 367,000

Seat 6: Russell Thomas (USA) – 490,000

Seat 7: Kahle Burns (Australia) – 905,000

Seat 8: Daniel Negreanu (Canada) – 2,437,000



Daniel Marton is one of the four locals in today’s field, entering as one of the big stack after a strong performance on Day 4 yesterday. Marton has three previous results to his credit, all from Sydney, with the largest coming with a 3rd place result in the $5k Challenge at the 2012 Sydney Poker Championships for a AU$22,800 score. Marton portrays a steely resolve at the table, hiding behind reflective sunglasses and showing little emotion, but once the cards were packed up last night, Marton was as excited as anyone to be on the TV table this afternoon.


What can we say about George Tsatsis? Well, not a whole lot as it turns out. The Australian doesn’t have any previous results to show on his tournament record so this is no doubt the biggest experience of his poker career to date. Tsatsis has been with the chip leaders for several days so will be right in contention when the bracelet is to be awarded.


A polarizing figure in the Melbourne poker community, Mikel Habb makes his first major poker tournament final table appearance here at the WSOP APAC Main Event. Habb is a regular in the poker room, reportedly crushing the local satellites having won around a dozen seats into the Aussie Millions Main Event earlier this year. Habb is well known for his colourful table talk, so we’re looking forward to see what he dishes up on this televised table.


Our chip leader today is Germany’s Benny Spindler who is one of the most highly credentialed players on this final table. Spindler is the 2011 EPT London champ with over $3.6 million in career earnings that stretch across multiple countries and poker tours. This will be Spindler’s first cash in the Asia Pacific region, with his big stack and aggressive game sure to make him one of the most feared opponents at the table today.


Hailing from Hong Kong, Winfred Yu is an experienced tournament player with over $800,000 in tournament results on his resume. Yu’s largest result saw him finish third in a €100,000 High Roller in London last year, while he also has a 2nd place in APT Asian Series Macau Main Event. Yu is the short stack at the final table and will need to find some luck early to be in with a chance of winning the gold.


If there is one player who knows what it’s like to be on the stage of a WSOP Main Event final table, it’s Russell Thomas. Last October, Thomas finished 4th in the biggest tournament of the year, collecting $2,851,537. Today will see Thomas have a second chance of winning a WSOP Gold Bracelet, but with one of the short stacks, he will need to live up to his Twitter handle ‘RunGoodRussell’,to go all the way.


The youngest at the final table, Kahle Burns, hails from right here in Melbourne and will be looking to win the big one for the locals. Often seen grinding the cash games in the Crown Poker Room, regardless of what happens today, this is already Burns’ largest tournament cash to date. We expect to see a big rail cheering on Burns throughout today’s action.


The man that poker fans will have their eyes from all around the world is Daniel Negreanu. This poker icon is one of the most liked players of all time, with his charismatic persona only equalled by his tournament results. Negreanu has already been on a WSOP final table this week, finishing in 4th place in the $2,200 Mixed Event. Negreanu already has four WSOP Gold Bracelets and will be looking to make it his fifth today.

All the action is set to kick off at 2.00 p.m. local time, but with the final table set to be filmed for television, don’t be surprised if we are a touch behind schedule.

The PokerListings Live Reporting Team will be here all day providing hand-for-hand coverage, while there will also be a live video stream of the final table, with thanks to 888poker. Enjoy!

Level 21

Blinds 8,000/16,000 Ante 2,000

Average Stack 1,518,750

Players Left 8

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I don't understand why the seat assignments in the post don't match up with where they are sitting. Tsatis 1, Spindler 2, Habb 3, Yu 4, Thomas 5, Martin 6, Burns 7, DN 8.

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Hand #22

Daniel Marton had the button but it was George Tsatsis who came in for an under-the-gun raise to 46,000. Daniel Negreanu defended his big blind and we would see a rare flop of T9 Q.

Negreanu checked it over to Tsatsis who followed with a continuation bet worth 96,000. Negreanu looked across the dealer to his opponent before declaring a check-raise to 256,000. Tsatsis thought briefly before calling as a massive pot was already in the middle when the 2 was a relative brick on the turn.

Negreanu came out with a hefty 475,000-chip bet to give Tsatsis something to think about. He squirmed in his seat for some time before announcing a call.

There was already 1.6 million in the pot when the river landed the 7. Negreanu fired a third barrel worth 950,000 to put the amateur to a huge test. Tsatsis gave it up with Negreanu flashing the J as he raked in the monster pot.

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Daniel Negreanu into the chip lead


Hand #24


Daniel Negreanu had the button but it was Kahle Burns who came in for a raise to 40,000. Negreanu called in position before Benny Spindler squeezed it up to 150,000 in the big blind. Burns folded but Negreanu made the call once again to see a flop of K♥ 5♠ Q♦.

Spindler slowed down and checked it over to Negreanu who bet out 204,000. Spindler took his time before matching the bet as the J♠ was an interesting card on the turn.


Spindler tapped the table again and Negreanu paused briefly before betting 444,000. Negreanu seemed to be putting the big chips to work, but Spindler was also wielding a big stack, and he made the call as our two chip leaders saw the 2♦ land on the river.


Spindler checked the river and Negreanu bet 604,000. Spindler looked pained by the decision as he asked Negreanu if he had king-queen.


“Do you have aces?” came the reply from Negreanu.


Spindler cut down calling chips and spent a few more minutes in the think tank before eventually finding a fold. Negreanu raked in the monster pot to extend his advantage of the top of the chip counts.



The players are now taking their first fifteen-minute break of the day.

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Daniel Negreanu@RealKidPoker3m

I'm not going to say what I had those two hands but will reveal when it all over. Blinds going to 12-24k stream at http://www.pokerlistings.com


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Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 5m

4,351,000 end level 23 still 8 left blinds going to 15k-30k lots of shorties are gonna have to move soon.Over a third of chips in play I got

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Russell Thomas - 8th Place


Hand #59


George Tsatsis opened it up to 70,000 from the hijack. On Benny Spindler in the cutoff and he would stare down at Tsatsis’ stack before eventually folding. Russell Thomas, from the big blind, decided now was the time to move all in. Tsatsis immediately called and we had Thomas at risk.


Thomas: A♠ T♦

Tsatsis: A♥ J♠


It was looking likely that we would lose Thomas in 8th place and that was solidified by the time the dealer had spread out a 9♠ Q♥ 8♠ 2♦ 3♥ board.


For his efforts, Thomas goes home with $82,721 and another WSOP final table to add to his resume.

After more than three hours of play, we are finally down to seven players.

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1 minute ago


Daniel Negreanu is still the leader


Below is the players stack up at the dinner break.


Seat 1: George Tsatsis - 1,730,000

Seat 2: Benny Spindler - 625,000

Seat 3: Mikel Habb - 335,000

Seat 4: Winfred Yu - 1,015,000

Seat 5: Daniel Marton - 1,955,000

Seat 6: Kahle Burns - 1,865,000

Seat 7: Daniel Negreanu - 4,615,000

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fell asleep at 3 am just woke glad he still has chip lead gogogogoogogogo

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Hand #87


Folded around to Mikel Habb on the button, he moved all in. Winfred Yu took a few moments before making the call and Habb was at risk.


Habb: T♠ T♥

Yu: A♥ Q♥


It was a race situation which would go the wrong way for Habb as a 3♠ 2♠ A♣ 2♣ 6♣ board was spread on the felt. A great effort from the Melbourne local, Habb goes home with $107,730 for his effort.

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Hand #88


Action folded to Benny Spindler who moved all in from the cutoff. Kahle Burns asked for a count and it was 535,000 in total. Burns leant back in his chair and made the call.


Burns: K♦ J♠

Spindler: A♦ T♦


The board ran out 9♣ 9♦ K♥ 4♣ 6♠ to see Burns pair his king to eliminate Benny Spindler in 6th place for $146,205.


What did these guys have for dinner? Whatever it was, we like it, as there are now just five players remaining.

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Hand #119


Folded to Kahle Burns in the small blind, he raised it up to 90,000. Daniel Negreanu made the call from the big blind and the dealer spread out a J♥ 9♥ 6♦ flop. Burns led for 95,000 here and Negreanu called.


The turn was a 9♠ and Burns slid out a bet of 135,000. Negreanu didn’t hesitate for too long before making it 335,000. Burns looked toward Negreanu a few times before calling the bet. The board completed with a K♣ on the river and once again the action was on Burns. He would check and this time Negreanu would bet 540,000.


“I’m gonna need a moment for this,” said Burns as he leaned back in his chair.


Burns then asked the dealer to spread the pot. He studied the chips and the felt for quite a while before once again studying Negreanu. Burns cut out the chips to call, all the while trying to get a read from the stoic Negreanu.


By this point around five minutes had passed and the other two players at the table treated themselves to a stretch of their legs. Eventually Burns folded and Negreanu raked in the big pot.


Burns left himself with a little over a million in chips, while Negreanu continues to dominate the table.

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Daniel Negreanu ‏@RealKidPoker 2m

Up to 5,480,000 end level 25 5 players left blinds going to 25k-50k avg is 2.4 mill. I'm having a good bit of fun with these gents!

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Watching the final table online..

Daniel is absolutely steam rolling over Kahle Burns.

Very interested to know what you had i had on J969K board when you re raised the turn and bet 540k on the river.

Good luck Daniel, looks like you have pretty good control of the final table.. Time to bring home the bracelet :)

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