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Ray Bitar Pleading Guilty But Needs A Heart Transplant

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Former Full Tilt CEO Ray Bitar is going to plead guilty to criminal charges against him and in the plea deal he is going to forfeit over $40 Million but he won't have to spend any time in jail as a result of his heart condition.


If he doesn't get a heart transplant soon he probably won't live more than another 12 months.



Bitar to Avoid Jail but Needs Heart Transplant

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Silly Amscray, the transplant board doesn't reject millionaires.


I'm sure they would be happy to reject a former millionaire though.

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Yeah, I don't either.


This guy is ruined. He'll never be able to head a company again, he now has this charge against him on his record, he has lost a fortune, and he has to go through a heart transplant, which is a risky procedure as it stands.


So a year in jail and he dies? He was never going to get a life sentence, but he's very fortunate he was given clemency in this. In actuality, forcing him to bear the pain of whatever heart problem he's experiencing in prison would be considered cruel and unusual punishment, and allowing him to get his heart transplant paid for under the judicial system is cruel to the taxpayers he stiffed. But effectually, he's destroyed. He may get to walk free, but his career is dead, if he has any money left after this, he's fortunate, but if not, he's working menial jobs from herein.


I honestly hope his apology is sincere. I'm cynical enough to doubt it, but that's between him and God. Let him bear the brunt of that now. I hope he gets the medical care he needs, but I hope what he did is on his mind daily. But I just lost my stepfather to cancer that spread to his heart, so I wouldn't wish that kind of pain on another person.

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Bitar Ordered to Forfeit Assets




The US government detailed a list of assets sought from Full Tilt Poker founder Ray Bitar in a forfeiture order filed this week.


The Department of Justice also demanded the financial records of 9 companies Bitar had a stake in, including the parent company of Hold’em Manager and an investment firm he owned with Chris “Jesus” Ferguson.


According to the order filed Tuesday, any companies which Bitar owned, or in which he held an equity interest, may be required to provide the government with a series of documentation, including five years of investment history, annual reports and financial statements, shareholder or partnership agreements, and charts of affiliate businesses.


They may also be required to show charts identifying key management personnel and property locations and listings of all patents, copyrights and trademarks.


Article Continued At Link Above

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