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New Bank Roll, Now What?

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ok, after all this time, I now have a new 26k USD bankroll..


im not sure where to start with it right now though.


according to my play limits Versus bankroll size, i can Dab in to 30/60 again.


im not sure what level i should start at though. and right now i think 30/60 may be to high. as i would have to start with a minimum bankroll on that level.


i have not played NLH for a while.


should i just restart at the bottom? 3/6 LHE? and work it up from there?

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I assume you are playing live and when you say 30/60 you mean Limit and not No Limit


What games are available where you are playing ?


yes. 30/60 is limit


there are limit games in my area from 1/2 limit to 60/120 limit

those are 1/2 3/6 6/12 15/30 20/40 30/60 60/120

there are spread limit 100 200 300 and 400

there is 2/2/3 NL 2/3/5 NL 200 max and 400 max.

and 2/2/5 no limit no max buy in.


then there is 4/8 omaha hi/lo 8 with kill and a 6/12 Omaha hi/lo

then there is stud hi 2/4 limit and 4/8 limit


this is all in california. by where i live. I like commerce in la. but with the gas prices, im going to stay in northern CA for a bit.


the other problem is the Rake is anywhere from 3 to 10 dollars per deal. thus the reason i like nevada.


I have been out of the live play arena for a while. but have been working online. to keep my edge up.

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