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Random Still Photo Of The Moment

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I got a lot of snow    

Haven't been around much lately, but it's nice to see this thread. I'll contribute some of my photos for this thread.                  

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Have you not looked at things face?


Honestly? I never got that far.


I wouldn't hold her up as my standard of idealized female beauty or anything, but (not too fat)+(huge rack) = 10/10

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I didn't say she wasn't, she just isn't all tatted up or anything, so it's not really my wheelhouse.


Wait. So you want her to be tatted up? We couldn't be more different Sklansky. Maybe that's why we're best friends.

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The problem here is that is an awkward picture of her face. Lighting, framing and angle. I have seen this young lady in action and can vouch for her being in the 9-10 range. Lovely tush, amazing chesticles. Enthusiastic. She's a winner.

Well then share, because that pic is a 4.

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