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2012 Graphs, Reviews, Summaries

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I don't know how much of FCP plays poker anymore but having a thread like this is mandatory in a poker forum! Post whatever you want be it year-long graphs, year summaries, trip reports, big scores, highlights or should have beens or could have beens. Currently working on my end of year results/blog post and will update when I get it done.

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New Year's resolutions for 2013 include cutting down on my internet time, which in turn means less online poker. Good thing, considering that online poker is so much more difficult than live poker.

EDIT: "more difficult" is perhaps unclear, for the game is the same. I find that the competition online is a lot stronger, though.

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I've put in less volume than in previous years but managed to turn a profit in my tournaments. Admittedly a big chunk is from a good second place for $781.



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Plus about another $1K in profit on Intertops and True Poker over about another 350 games.


This year wasn't bad and it started out really good. Playing MTTs online in the US is very hard and winning consistently when you're not one of the better players is even tougher. I had hoped to make at least $25K but I fell quite short of that. One good thing has been that I've really had to improve my game a ton just to make any money at all and I feel that even though I still have a very long way to go I'm playing better than ever, which basically means I'm only a little fish now instead of a big one.


I was most proud of my finishes in the following tournaments:


Carbon - Poker Maximus I - 3rd in Event 23 NLHE for $6,600

Carbon - Poker Maximus II - 4th in Event 14 NLHE for $1870

True Poker - $50K GTD - 4th for $3400

BlackChip Poker - Mini Super stack 25K gtd - 3rd for $2250

BlackChip Poker - Mid-Week Monster - 1st for $4060


This year I'm hoping to:


Earn my 100K badge on Pocket 5s (currently 24K away)


Continue to improve my game a much as possible by studying and reviewing more consistently


Finally get to play more live poker before I kill myself from this god awful online struggle


Make at least $30K total profit for the year


Finally hit that illusive five figure cash online


And of course the big stretch one, earn a triple crown on Pocket 5s


Good luck to everyone for 2013!

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Did not play regularly in 2012 and when I did find the time it turned into recreational poker so I'm down overall, hope to have more free time this year and actually make good decisions.

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