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New Jersey Senate Passes Online Gambling Bill, Goes To Governor

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This bill might mean Poker Stars being back in the US



Breaking: New Jersey Senate Passes Online Gambling Bill, Goes To Governor


Legalization Could Lead To PokerStars Re-Entry Into U.S.



New Jersey’s 40-seat Senate approved a bill during a Thursday session that would allow intrastate online gambling. It now goes to the governor for possible signature.


Among those who voted, 33 were in favor, while three were against the plan. The legislation has been speedily pushed through the legislature before the end of 2012. The Assembly approved the bill on Monday, after the proposal sat inactive since the summer.


The games would be run from casino companies doing business in Atlantic City. The gambling industry there has been on the steep decline since around 2006.


“This will help replenish the casino revenue fund,” Sen. Ray Lesniak, a sponsor of the bill, testified Thursday. He added that money from the fund goes to some social services.



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If Poker Stars buys a hotel there, looks like Daniel and Chris Moneymaker might be spending some down time at the beach. Maybe Poker Stars can put their logos on some Speedos.

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