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Luiz Adriano Goal Agains Fair Play?

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I don't know have you seen this but in last UEFA Champions League round where FC Nordsjeland was hosting Schaktar Donetsk Luiz Adriano scored a goal which by many was said to be agains a fair play rules.


Here is the video of the goal. The whole situation starts at 0:30




UEFA wants to punisch Adriano even tho he did nothing agains the official rules.


What do you think guys?

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It was a disgusting action. The player tried to pretend that he didn't know what was going on but everyone knew he shouldn't have scored. To make it worse the Shaktar team were meant to let the Danish team scorea "free" goal straight afterwards but started to tackle the striker when he got close to goal. Thankfully Uefa has suspended the player for 1 game for his actions.

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