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Ftp - What Else Were The Crooks Up To?

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Just read the thread on Chad Elie... Wow, I haven't really thought to much about the time leading up to Black Friday in the past year. Sure, I've read some articles but most of that information was about how the US players would or would not get their money back. When I read the interview with Chad Elie it really started me thinking...


I'm not the best poker player by any stretch and in 2007, 2008 I was really just learning the game, funding my FTP account over and over again, playing mtt's with constant swing in highs and lows. Toward the end of 2008 I was beginning to make money and then in 2009 I had a break out year and the future looked bright. For various reasons I really only played on FTP and occasionally live. I had a Stars account but just liked FTP better and was having success. Then in 2010, everything that went right in the previous year went wrong and kept going wrong right up until Black Friday. I couldn't win an important race, I would get my money in good only to be sucked out on... my stats went from being a top 1100 player on FTP to being somewhere in the mid 200 K ranked. No doubt that I played poorly toward the end as I was really tilty and had the funds to keep depositing.


After Black Friday I took a break, I really didn't have much on FTP so that didn't make matters worse but I I was still not in a great space for playing poker. I finally started playing a little live and generally had success at 1/2 NLHE and the odd live tourney when I could make the time. When Stars came back and I began playing there. Things did not go well to start and I couldn't run deep in a tourney to save my life. I still played more live than online for the last few months of the year and was doing well in the cash games so my tilt wasn't much of an issue. Stars was just not a happy place for me at first. Then 2012 rolled around and my live play time evaporated so Stars was it. I focused and played on and I'm having a great year. I'm back into the top 10000 players on the site, have had some real positive scores and my mind is in a good place again...


So back to the article. It started me thinking, if the guys running FTP are such crooks and they're having depositor issues in the US and they can see the train coming down the tracks in the form of the DOJ, what else are they going to do to feather their nests or bail themselves out?


I'm sure there are lots of possibilities but what immediately comes to mind for me is this. The FTP execs ask themselves, what players on our site outside the US have shown the ability to deposit historically? Let's change the software so they seldom win and therefore have to keep depositing thus keeping our site financially viable. I know this is basically a conspiracy theory which I'm generally not fond of but Ray and Howard are crooks and they needed money...


I think they would have been capable of all kinds of tampering within the site. How hard would it really be? Ultimately they would have to buy off some programmer and have him or her run the software to their desires... Anyway, thank goodness for Stars. I feel like an idiot for being so loyal to FTP for so long when nothing was going right but now I feel like I have a place to play that has integrity...

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I hear ya! Wasn't really writing it to make myself feel better but I think the info out in the world about what these guys where doing behind the scenes is just the tip of the iceberg. If they were willing to do the things we are aware of then what else were they up to!

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