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Good news Essay. I think the disappearing hair confirms it's pretty fake.

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Because if you can't have fun at work... life would suck






I used to see them mid day, mid summer, in the Deep South, often I'm full-headed mascot costumes (I'm looking at you, Chick Fil A), often positively bugging the **** out with dance intensity that your guy doesn't touch. Half of them have to be on meth to keep that up.


I generally don't really concern myself with the plight of the working man, but only a monster could see a shirtless Uncle Sam krumping in a pool of his own sweat at the peak of heat stroke season and think, "hmm, know I know who does the most patriotic PC repairs if I get another virus."

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please tell me you're also through in the slightly homodouchetastic duckface as well.


I've been doing elaborate handshakes accompanied by douchey facial expressions since the slave ship.

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