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It's not nonsense. You can't literally watch the ball hit your bat, because the human eye can't track things at that speed once they get to within a certain distance, like 8-10 ft, of you. So against most fastballs and hard breaking pitches, you are literally blind for the last few milliseconds. Having the same release point, like Mo does, definitely helps, but it's not so much that players can't see the ball; it's because lesser pitchers have different arm speeds/angles/release points for different pitches. Check out some random brooks baseball PitchFX charts. I think fangraphs has it too. But they have release points in chart form, so you can see where the ball is coming out of the hand. Professional hitters can notice slight differences, so being able to repeat your delivery every time, no matter what pitch or what speed you're throwing, is very important. But if you watch some slo-mo at-bats of Manny or other good hitters, you'll see their head track the ball right down to the last second that's humanly possible, and that's where they'll swing.







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I just had another random thought...


I read somewhere that the whole "keep your eye on the ball" thing is nonsense. Well, at least at the major league level. Major league hitters are swinging based on the pitcher's arm movement; they're not tracking the ball as it comes to them. This is a good part of why Mariano Rivera is so unhittable. He has the same arm motion every single time, but his ball ends up basically in every single space of the strike zone. The hitters are just guessing.


This is retarded. Hope you don't actually believe this BS.

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Those are some gallon jugs right there. Holy hell.

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I was all set to post the topless version right up until the point it became the topless version. I didn't want to get banhammered.



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