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My First Royal Flush

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Hi guys, this is my first post here, hopefully not my last.


I play in a weekly tournament every Saturday night with anywhere from 35-50 people showing up. This past weekend I did something I had never done before.


The second hand after the add-on and chip up break, I'm dealt a K-10 suited spades.


Blinds are at 500-1000, I'm first to act and limp in and just call. 4 players including myself end up playing the hand.


Flop comes As, 7c, Qs


Two in front of me(the pre flop blinds) check, I follow, last to act bets 4000. Two in front of me fold. I call with the top draw.


Turn comes 7s. I make the nut flush. I check, other player bets 10000. I call.


River is Js, Royal flush for me. I check, my opponent moves all in, I insta call, and he turns over the Q-7. He was the first player out of the tournament, and lost with a full house to a royal flush. I made a royal flush, and got a max payout by only calling.


I'm sure you guys have read 1000s of stories like this, but I wanted to share mine. It's been all I can talk about since Saturday night. Ended up finishing 2nd in the tournament and took home some nice cash.

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Good for you to hit a poker milestone!! I had one dealt to me on the last hand of the night earlier this year to take in a huge pot as everyone had been going crazy the last 20 minutes trying to break even for the session.


One thing that none of us will probably ever see again ... I was next to a table where a guy hit 2 royals in consectutive hands!! Yes, different suits in back-to-back hands. And he got paid large on both of them even though he has a very tight image.


Obviously these are great hands ... but I think I have made more money from people chasing them than anyone has ever made hitting them!! (except for obvious high hand payouts) .. Can't remember the last time I hit even a flush when I was open-ended-straight-flush draw with 2 cards to come ... and it goes blankity blank!! Just one of those things that draws us to the game ... good luck going forward.

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I hit a royal flush few times within few years of playing, never tho had a chance to win a big pot with it tho...Once I remember it was my first hand in a tournament - a royal flush. It looked sweet for the start but after that I got nothing good and got knowcked out before the first brake :P

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