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Wow. I can't believe this one hasn't been mentioned yet. What an amazing show. Horror has been overdone so much that its rare to find engrossing new material. This show has it in spades. Jessica Lange is back for a second season but is playing a different character.


The show is set in an asylum as the name implies. The year is 1964. Ms. Lange. Is a sadistic nun who runs the asylum. She has a past which is just starting to come out. The cinematography is perfect as is the setting. Plenty of creepy characters. I'm hooked.

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I watched the first episode and sort of watched the second but will rewatch it and thought they were really good.


Chloë Sevigny as a crazy nympho but I doubt there will be any Brown Bunny moments.


I'll catch up On Demand and make sure that I watch them all.

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