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Special shout out to my FCP/Poker/Vegas buddy Chrozzo. For those who know him the little lizard is not doing well at the moment. Thoughts, prayers, good vibes? It sounds like he could use what ever you can spare right now. Here is some of the messages I received:


Mandy Abrams

11 hours ago

Please keep my nephew, Christian Chrosniak in your prayers today. Chris was airlifted to hospital in Hershey Pa last night. He is not doing well. Ask Jesus to keep him safe and his parents close to His heart. His dad served in VietNam as well as Iraq and remains my best friend although we are separated by 2500 miles. Chris has Cystic Fibrosis for those that don't know him. He has had a bad week. Chris, against many odds just celebrated his 30th birthday.


Jen Brehm

13 hours ago

Christian Chrosniak is back in Hershey and having a pretty rough time. He really needs all our thoughts and prayers. He's not conscious enough to receive visitors so to show the family support, come to the Pub at 7PM tonight and let Christian and his family know how many people are out there thinking about him.


Get better dude!!!

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my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery kiddo. Hugs






thx Scott for posting this

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update on Christian Chrosniak from his mom: The docs are planning to take him off continuous dialysis today and they'll find out if he's kidneys are regaining function. He was able to request his favorite dessert and make a couple of jokes about his condition and treatment. She said he's conversing clearly. Keep the thoughts and prayers coming!!

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Thanks for all the messages everyone, they really brightened p my time here! Just got settled in my new room om the regular ward...got most of my lines out and am ready to get home soon!

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