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Get Better Chrozzo Right Now Dammitt

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well, .......... shit. So damn sad. Such a funny yet complicated/tortured guy.   We took him under our wing several years ago during one of my Vegas WSOP/FCP golf outing weekends. He told me his mom

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RiP little Gecko


Christian is in heaven. He left us peacefully and without pain at 11:19. He was surrounded by many friends and relatives who loved him. We had the perfect hours with him if death has perfection. There was music that was meaningful to him and us, playing in the background. We chatted with [to] him and rubbed his head as he loved, gave him kisses and hugs and just let him know how completely he was loved. Christian Chrosniak

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Sorry to hear. See ya on the I ther side gecko.

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A few guinnesses went down yesterday, miss you little buddy

Hi to your new world


Hello, all. We have begun making plans for Christian's celebration of life. It will take place at our church, The Meeting House, on Saturday, Dec. 5th, There will be more precise details to follow. While our Market Cross Pub & Brewery Carlisle owners, JoAnne and Jeff don't know about this yet, we plan on taking over Christian Chrosniak's favorite meeting place in the evening to continue sharing our memories.

There are many of the national chain hotels in Carlisle that are very conveniently located.

Thank you for the wonderfully comforting messages and prayers. They mean so much to us.

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Christian's Celebration of Life will be held on Sat., Dec. 5th at The Meeting House Church (formerly known as Brethren in Christ, and recently changed) 1155 Walnut Bottom Road, Carlisle, PA 17013.

Viewing from 9 - 11 AM Service at 11:00 AM.

In the Evening a get together at Market Cross Pub

In lieu of flowers, please consider the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation or a contribution to assist me in building a "Little Free Library" on a path near our home as a memorial to Christian Chrosniak.






other things in honour of Chrozzo


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well, .......... shit. So damn sad. Such a funny yet complicated/tortured guy.


We took him under our wing several years ago during one of my Vegas WSOP/FCP golf outing weekends. He told me his mom warned him not to fly out there alone, that we were not his friends. His whole family babied and over protected him because of his condition and he absolutely hated it.

But he came anyway, to my knowledge his first time ever to Vegas (or anywhere traveling alone I think) and he went nuts and had a blast. He wore a T-shirt he had made with a giant photo of his drivers license plastered on it to stick it back at dealers/waitresses who constantly asked him for ID.


He had a dark angry unhappy side that he mostly kept hidden with biting humor and often behind a haze of alcohol. He hated how he was unfairly babied and afflicted with his life situation and how it held him back from many things he desperately longed to be and do. The laughs and the booze made it all tolerable.


I kept in touch for a while but some odd things happened over the years and we all drifted.


But I do know that he talked about that Vegas weekend for many years afterwards. At one point, before I lost contact with him, one of his local pub buddies found me and asked about it. They were doing something for his Bday and wanted my side of the Vegas story. that local pub was his life, where no one made fun of him, or babied him, or asked for ID.


33 is way longer than they all thought they would have him but it is also obviously way too young to check out. Im glad that I and a few others here were able to be there with him that golf weekend to help show him a great time..



Rest in peace Chris.

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