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Blair from the Facts of Life and the NL MVP Jeff Kent are two of the contestants, interesting.DOG DAMN, THERE ARE SOME HOTTIES. Angie and Katie, yowsa's!!!!!We doing another POOL? Gov??group_shot_595.jpgBlair:lisa_whelchel_595a.jpgabi-maria_595a.jpgangie_layton_595a.jpgkatie_hanson_595a.jpgsarah_dawson_595a.jpgThere are some other contestants too, but these were the only ones I felt like posting :club:

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Do not let tanner use his RNG. It somehow "randomly" gives people without vowels really shitty picks.

**** me. Russell Swan is such a **** up. I hate that dude. I can not believe I got stuck with him.

COOKIES!     Great tribal council this week.

Also, the 3 returning castaways are

Michael Skupin, Jonathan Penner and Russell Swan

I'm down for a pool of course too. It begins Sept. 19th, I'll shoot out messages for interest.

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I'm in for pool. When are they going to show the unrated version? Looks like we've got some bouncers out there.

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So are we going to make this happen? I think 9 players, everyone gets 2 contestants, $25 buy in, top 2 get paid would be the best format.



This is a great idea. There are 18 players this time around unlike 16 previously. The only issue with top 2 getting paid is that 3 make the finale nowadays. We could go by votes and the top 2 get paid and if there is a tie for 2nd place they would split the 2nd place money. Sound fair?


You can paypal your $25 entry fee here: govfcp@gmail.com

(Understand that there will be a slight mix of US transferred funds & Canadian in the pot so the overall money will vary slightly).


When transferring funds please use Personal, Money Owed as this option should eliminate fees:



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I am in, however, I just had to add $25 to my Paypal account. It will not be in for 3 to 5 business days.


Hope that is OK?

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I'm fine with playing or sitting out if others want to.


I hear Bob's money is better. He makes it himself.

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So we have:







bob (if needed)



That's 7. So we just need 3 more (2 more if Bob plays).


What about Alan, he's the one who originally asked?


Also, I just sent $25 on paypal

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Yea I'm definitely saying Alan is in. I'll confirm with him today.


been crazy last few weeks, haven't been on here in a bit, but definitely in, I'll ship soon

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