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Uniform Czar Dave Dameshek's Annual Uniform Uber-Ranking

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I think it has a lot to do with how it's a classic look that has stayed relatively the same for 30+ years. I love the 9ers uniforms.

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Thoughts for BigD:- Pats. I agree 100%. The old unis are incredible and the new ones suck. Case closed.-Bengals. I disagree with him. I like the helmets.- Texans. I like their uniforms a lot. I don't care what socks they wear.-Falcons. I really liked the black jersey/black helmet look of the early 90's, so I disagree with him here.-Broncos. He has to be joking in his comments. His opinion here is terrible.-Raptors. I liked the dinosaur jerseys, and I agree that they need to at the very least go back to purple.-Brewers. I completely agree with him that the Brew Crew needs to go back to the old-school glove/ball logo.-Buccaneers. THEY DEFINITELY NEED TO GO BACK TO THEIR CREAMSICLE UNIS.-A's. I love their gold jerseys. Big thumbs up from me.-Steelers. Their 70's and 80's uniforms are still the best, and the new yellow helmets are stupid. I hate the steelers.

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