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Was The Satellite Ending Rigged?

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Sounds like deeb wanted the million and not the seatDeeb Left with One ChipPosted 18 minutes ago by donpeters On the first hand back from the unscheduled break, Shaun Deeb raised to 3.24 million and left himself with just one T5,000 chip. Gus Hansen called and the flop came down . Hansen bet 25,000 and Deeb quickly folded.Deeb dropped down to just a mere 5,000 in chips while Hansen moved to 7.195 million.Chip CountsGus Hansen 7,195,000 3,250,000 Shaun Deeb 5,000 -3,250,000 Tags: Gus Hansen, Shaun Deeb.

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I wouldn't say rigged but rather that a deal was made.To a lot of people the $1 Million in cash for 2nd is worth more than the entry to the tournament.

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