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Wsop Event #24 $5K Omaha 8 Or Better Split

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Event #24 of the WSOP this year is the $5K Omaha 8 Or Better Hi Lo Split Championship and Daniel is playing.He loves the split pot games so here's hoping he has a good run in this one.Updates via Twitter from Daniel and from Poker Newshttps://twitter.com/...!/RealKidPoker/http://www.pokernews...it-8-or-better/Daniel's Twitter UpdatesDaniel Negreanu@RealKidPoker@dnchips#wsop24 15,600 end level 1 5k Omaha 8 started with 15k and play 4 levels of 200-400. So far EVERYONE loves the new format.Daniel Negreanu@RealKidPoker@dnchips end level 2 with 9200 #wsop24Daniel Negreanu@RealKidPoker@dnchips #wsop24 end level 3 I now have 5200 left. Things aren't going well at the momentDaniel Negreanu@RealKidPoker@dnchips #wsop24 end level 4 6500 next two hours are 300-600 limit. I'll do my best to make a comeback and finish strongDaniel Negreanu@RealKidPoker@dnchips a look at my chip stack in the Omaha 8. Chip and a chair? http://twitter.com/RealKidPoker/status/212414120992055296/photo/1Daniel Negreanu@RealKidPoker@dnchips got my last chip in with KK34 and did not win lol #ontothenextone LH shoot out at noonDaniel Negreanu@RealKidPokerHaven't said this yet during the WSOP but I have a really good feeling about the 1500 limit Holdem shoot out tomorrow.

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This guy I meant who works in a casino in NJ told me that Ivey was a dick yet I'm still rooting for him - not sure why- guess i'm intimidated by that glare tooguess I root for greatness

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